Wordistic – Building Words in a Matter of Time

Looking for a game that is like no other? Tired of shooting villains, navigating through rough terrains, or racing against time to find a lost treasure? Then you might be ready for Wordistic. This game brings arcade fun to a whole new space of gaming genre. Word games have been around for a while, and there is a certain group of people who just can’t get enough of them. Try pitching them to other gamers, and you will not go far. 

This is not the case with Wordistic. This game somehow takes the challenge of building a word and skillfully puts it into a place where you are racing against time. So, it’s not your typical “take your time and think about your next step” kind of game. You are set up against a clock that is ticking away while at the same time, sprinklings of letters move before you, beckoning to be chosen.

In this game, the object is to build a word given the letters you are presented. The trick is that you don’t get all the letters you will need all at once. The letters come before you, moving from top to bottom of the screen, and judging from the set you see, you must formulate a word to build. As more letters appear, you may remain on target with your original word, or you may see an opportunity to make a different word, quicker. Longer words get more points, however, if you fail to finish before time runs out, you lose.

I love word games and became hooked instantly. The pace with which the game moves is just right, until you start climbing the ladder of levels, mastering one after the other. Your allotted time to make a word decreases as you advance – so be ready for that.

Wordistic Screenshot

Strong spelling skills and a wide vocabulary come to great aid in a game like this. But fear not if you have neither. You can use this game as a skills builder and slowly work your way up. The game features an option that you can toggle as you wish. This feature provides suggestions on words to make based on letters chosen so far. You can start off by taking that advice and slowly shift over to making your own adjustments, as your own mental word treasure box grows bigger.

As fun as this game is to play, it could use a little help in the graphics design department. Things moved and worked well throughout, but the app had a very kid-like look to it; almost reminding me of something I would see on the PBS show Electric Company, back in the day.

Regardless, Wordistic is still fun to play and keeps me busy when I need it. I have even found it to be extremely helpful in my crossword play, as it has strengthened by visual acuity to letters and word formation. I can even see this being a big help to kids who could use a boost with their vocabulary studies.