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9 Important Travel Apps

Spotted by Locals app

You can forget to take anything with you on a trip: from a bank card to socks. But you definitely won’t forget your phone, even if the trip is limited to going to the nearest grocery store. If you’re planning on taking a trip further afield, don’t forget to download these top 10 travel apps.


Your personal travel manager. The application organizes all the details of the trip: from plane tickets to restaurant reservations. How it works: the application will remind you that you are going to the theater (you choose the number and time of reminders), lay out a convenient route there, and tell you where to drink wine after.

Spotted by Locals

Here you can find recommendations from locals – where to eat, what to see, where to go, where to dance, and much more in 81 cities around the world. Agree, it is much better to come to a proven place than to run into a tourist trap, which is full everywhere.


He will tell you how to get from anywhere, anywhere and how you want. The route from Perm to Paris by bus is easy! The application will also tell you the cost (even if you are traveling by car, Rome2Rio will calculate the cost of fuel) and the transport schedule.


Intuitive suitcase app. You need to select the parameters (where, when and for how long you are going), and the application itself will tell you what you need to take with you.


An application with one (but very useful!) function: it helps you choose the best seat on the plane. He will tell you where you can relax and stretch your legs, and where it is better not to sit down so that a non-folding chair or the absence of an armrest does not become an unpleasant surprise.

App in the air

Personal flight manager. It will report any flight change, advise where to eat and how to connect to Wi-Fi at any airport, and keep statistics of all flights. The application works offline and all schedule changes are sent via SMS.

Nearest Wiki

This app can tell you how to find nearby attractions, finds interesting facts about the city and country and recommends local cafes. But these are secondary functions. The main one is additional reality. The application will tell you about almost everything that falls into the lens of your camera – you will not miss a single sight.


An application that treats aerophobia. It was developed by a professional pilot and psychologist Alex Gervash, director of the Fearless Flying Aerophobia Center. All you need to do is enter your flight number. Then the application will act by itself: in real-time mode, it will tell you what is happening with the plane, notify you of turbulence, and even analyze all the sounds that may seem strange. Yes, and all this – without the Internet

Organic Maps

Many people remember – the application with the most convenient online maps. It suffered a sad fate – a big company bought the application to improve and refine it and … spoiled it to such a state that it became impossible to use it. Organic Maps are the same, revived and even improved.

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