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ADSS OREX – Up to the Minute Global Market Updates Help You Make Smarter Investments


Not many of us would consider ourselves day traders, and even if we did, we probably would not be sitting in front of a desktop all day making trades. The reality of the situation is that we are mobile, which brings us to the need to have mobile devices that bring the market to you.

ADSS OREX is just such an app. Download it now if you want to get instant access to global markets and currency exchanges like S&P 500, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Oil, crypto currency, over 1000 CFDs and more. The beauty of the app is that it keeps all of this information up to date so you are learning about the market in real time and making decisions on current data.

Not only does ADSS keep the market data updated, it provides up to the minute marketplace news, so you know about factors and events that affect the various markets you are interested in, you know what the trends are and you get to learn about experts in each market are saying. These are all important tools for any kind of investor. What is great about ADSS is that all of this information is delivered to you in one place, in an easy to consume format that is simple to find. I say this because you can flag the type of information you want to be alerted to or what you want to follow, so the news is fed to you instead of you searching for it.

Free to download, it’s designed with investors in mind. The overall app is very easy to navigate and allows for a few customizations.  As mentioned earlier, you can customize what news you want to be alerted to. But, there is also a watchlist you can create, so you see at a glance how particular items are moving in the market. They may be items you are already invested in or potential investment areas. Either way, you can see them instantly from your Watchlist screen.

If you drill down to a particular investment, you will see key information about it, and bit of history and you can get to news concerning that market, all from the same screen.

You can customize your own charts so you can view market movement they way that works best for you. The display is sharp and easy to consume, and offers several charting options at your fingertips.

One thing I almost forgot to mention and something that is so important is that this app supports several different languages, which is a must because it does allow for investments in globally recognized markets. A few of the more popular languages includes English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Arabic and more.

If the next update could allow for some historical data to be captured and exported so you can see how you’ve done in the past given certain climates, it would be a plus.

Until then, ADSS app rates high in providing access to market data and the markets themselves to allows for smart and easy trades that you can do from anywhere!

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