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Airy – A Reliable and Easy YouTube Video Downloader

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YouTube has become the go-to place for videos related to almost everything now – from music to educational guides. While it does have the option to download videos for offline viewing on the website, there may be times when you feel like storing them on your computer forever. In such situations, a handy video downloading tool could be a boon. Eltima Software’s Airy is a premium YouTube video downloader that allows you the flexibility of downloading any video on your PC or Mac. You can download it for free from their website.

Available for both Windows and Mac OS, Airy has redefined the way we save YouTube content on our local storage. You can forget about those advertisement-filled websites which offer the service, but look altogether suspicious and makes the process rather messy. Airy is a lite software that keeps it simple and easy. As long as the content you are downloading is not copyright protected, there is nothing that would stop Airy from downloading it. In the case of the former, if you have permission you can go ahead and download; otherwise, the responsibility is solely yours. With about 30 million active users daily, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. So much cool and innovative content out there calls for a way of saving some of it. Airy does that job for you.

What sets Airy apart from other similar service providers, like some websites and browser extensions, is its clean interface. Not only does it look visibly laidback, but it is also equally so in its usability. A small, floating window with a search bar for pasting video URL and a YouTube logo beneath it looks subtle. All you need to do for downloading a video is paste the URL in the search bar, choose the relevant format, and hit the download button. Nothing whispers user-friendliness as Airy does (no pun intended). Downloading a video from YouTube has never been easier. With Airy, probably a toddler could do it! Moreover, it can download videos in HD and Ultra HD resolutions also. Some other interesting features include the ability to pause and resume the downloads, which come handy when there is some interruption in internet connectivity. As far as music is concerned, you can download the videos in mp3 format that extracts only the audio (beware of copyright!). But the coolest feature is its ability to download the entire playlists and channels with one link or multiple links at once. This is pretty useful when you are trying to download an educational course that has several videos. 

Airy has a great utility in today’s internet age. The slight downside is that while it is free to download, it is not free to use. After exhausting your 2 free downloads, you must pay to continue using it. You could get a personal license for $19.95, a family pack for $39.95, or a team license for $29.95. Although these packages are not that expensive, some users may hesitate in paying money when free service exists. Hence, Airy may not be recommended for casual users. But for those who frequently download videos from YouTube, nothing compares to Airy when it comes to ease and speed. For such users, there are additional support offers too – a lifetime upgrades guarantee for $9.95 and an urgent support plan for $15 a year. So, if you fall into the latter category, I would recommend you check out Airy YouTube downloader at least once, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  

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