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Allcal – Event Planning Made Easy

No one likes doing things alone. When you’re planning events and meetings, it’s always easier knowing you can share your initial thoughts and ideas with a select few before you put your invite out for the whole world to see.

Well, Allcal makes creating and sharing calendars so easy, you’ll wonder how you have been managing thus far without it. Allcal allows its users to create as many calendars as they needs and then create events in those calendars, geared towards each calendars target group. One calendar may be for work, while another may be for your family. One calendar may be for your close friends, while another is for a group you hang with on a monthly basis. The choice is yours; and, it’s easy to make.

Once you download the free app, which is also totally free of ads and any purchasing options, you will be asked to register. This is when you will provide your user name, which is how others will see you. You can register with an email address or you can use your Facebook profile – whatever works best for you.

After registration, you will be asked to confirm your email address, so be sure to do so, so you enjoy full benefits of the app. Then in the app you will see the main page showing your calendars. Right now, you will only have your Personal calendar. I would keep that personal and not shared with others. You can then create other calendars to cater to your social needs.

To do this, navigate to the main menu, which you can get to by tapping on the icon at the very top left. The very first option is + Add Calendar. You can name it whatever you want, define it as Private or Public, give it Description, Color and whether or not it’s shared with other calendars. You can also turn notices for events ON or OFF from here, and can update all of this information as you need. After saving the calendar, you will see it in your list of calendars, in either the Private or Public group.

Events can be added to a calendar. You select the calendar, and it will show you a button to add an event. Click on it, add all details you need to define your event, and then SAVE. That’s it. What was a bit frustrating was trying to add another event on the same day, which can happen. The Add Event button disappeared once I created one event, and there was no easily discernible way to add another event.

I think this is a feature that should be explained in a tutorial or help page, or added if it does not exist. I think most people looking to plan and share events will have more than one event per day to define. Get past that small roadblock and this app is a charm to work with. I especially like the ability to work with a few friends on events before inviting others. I was able to get some help through the chat feature built into the app, which allowed for easier planning and faster decision-making.

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