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ATracker app

We all have a daily schedule. We wake up, do our morning workout or routine, go to work, or go about our daily responsibilities. How many of us actually get them done on time though? I surely need help keeping my life on track. Lucky for me, I have the ATracker app, so I no longer have to worry!

Its adaptability is probably the most impressive. You can set all your tasks in the app, make a time for them, and set it to keep you on track! There are so many ways to do this, but a few options are your daily routine activities at work; you no longer have to cut your lunch break short because you were late!

For the school types, like myself, this app will keep your routine tasks on time while studying, for instance. English shouldn’t take more time than biology, and this app makes sure of that! You can set time to spend on different consulting projects for billing if you are the professional type, and need to keep your business logging on track.

Now, we all need down time. Free to do what we want, catch up on the day before sleep hits us, so this app has some free time built in. Set free time activities as one of your tasks and it will remind you, and keep you on time so that nap doesn’t turn into hibernation.

If you are the one keeping the household together, making sure the laundry is done, dishes are washed, and dinner is made, than this app will become your lifeline. Manage your household and homemaking tasks all in one place. Now, you don’t have to rush on the living room because the bathroom took forever.

Kids take most of our time, but they need some structure. Set them up with this app and manage their activities too. They can learn the importance of scheduling at a young age, and stay out of your hair when it’s ‘me’ time!

If you have a hobby or a fun home project, then you can set activities for that as well! An hour to paint, read, or write can really help calm you throughout the day. Today we get caught up in the responsibilities and tasks, and need to relax.

The old days of paper planning are over, this app has so many features, you will forget you ever even used to do that!

ATracker has one tap time tracking, and start and stop time tracking with just one tap. This is so easy to set up, and it is fully customizable—no one’s app will look like yours! All you need to set your tasks is a name for them, and you can choose from hundreds of icons and color to code it or organize it how you want.

This makes it much easier and more pleasant to work with. You can even change the whole color theme, and background image with the font size and much more!

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