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Best Pinball Game for Smartphones – Infinity Pinball

Infinity Pinball app

The Americans invented the Pinball machine during the Great Depression. This not-so-costly entertainment back then was built without flippers. Hence the players would throw the metal balls randomly into holes that carried various points, moving the pinball machine in every possible direction. Since it demanded no talent, the game was considered gambling, a game of sheer luck. In the 40s, due to this nature, the game was banned quickly. The evergreen popularity of the game made its inventors come up with an ingenious solution to make it legal. Thus in 1947, flippers were invented, yet until the mid-1970s, the game was still outlawed.

Can you believe that a game so popular is still deemed illegal in few cities? With the increase in interest in the game, many new features like multi-player games and score reels were introduced. However, the game was still electromechanical and operated in the balance of the parts that were moving. During the end of the 1970s, the game’s reputation gained momentum with the advancement in technology. Instead of boring you with more statistics, let us conclude the evolution story of pinball games. The game thus traveled from electromechanical to electronic to digital.

Do you know, made with a complete digital video display, the first “all-digital” pinball machine was introduced in 2006?

Infinity Pinball is an early access pinball game, verified by play protect and offered by Digital Will Inc. As soon as you download and install the app, the soundtrack you hear once you click on the app takes you down the memory lane and gears you up for the play. With the same gameplay as its classic counterpart, all you need to do is to reach the top of each level. On reaching the top, you enter the next level. Each game level has its own exit strategy.

Hold the ball if you feel like taking a break. Keep flipping like crazy if the ball comes down aligned to the center. You don’t want to let the ball fall between the flippers, for you only get three lives per game. If you wish to launch your ball higher, flip only when the ball reaches the end of a flipper. There are few special stages with very special side pockets. If you get your ball to either the left or right pocket, you get to change your central Bashtoy. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? If you change your Bashtoy, you will unlock an additional stage that will help you to win extra coins.

Each element of the pinball table carries a different score. Accumulate 25,000 points to get an extra life and a coin. In addition to the age-old silver pinball, buy several limited-edition balls as you move up levels like the skull, the prism, the bullet, the donut, and more. With 5 different tables and 11 unique skins, the Infinity Pinball ball is worth every second of your time. So, what are you waiting for? Download the app instantly.

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