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Boulder Base- The Best Trending Strategy Game

Boulder Base game

Boulder Base: Futuristic Castle Defence is one of the few most enjoyable games available on the Google Play Store. It not only entertains you, but also helps you develop the skills of strategic thinking. As the name suggests, this game uses elements from futuristic design, that makes this game completely one of a kind. You have to build a castle very smartly and build a futuristic defence that will deter any invaders from attacking your castle. It’s one of those few games where you don’t have to spend an extravagant amount of money to be able to enjoy it completely. In fact, you can very well play through the game without having to make any single purchase!

Boulder Base: Futuristic Castle Defence is a game where you have to use both skills and strategy to win, or else you will lose your castle to an enemy invader. Of course, you will have many weapons and defence at your disposal. You will have lasers, robots and other futuristic weapon that will help you in your defence, but you cannot win purely through weapons alone. You need to strategize and execute them effectively if you have to win the game. You must upgrade your troops regularly from time to time and build a very diverse army because each squad has their own special strengths and weaknesses. A combination od diverse army and effective strategy will only help you to protect your castle against your enemies.

But you cannot become the champion of the game only by defending. You can even attack on neighbouring enemy castles using the above-mentioned technique to build your influence on the area, until you become a formidable general. This game is completely free to play, though you can spend some money on upgrades if you want. You need to build an unbreakable tower and mount an unbreakable defence if you want to survive in this game. You need to figure out effective strategies to keep the invaders at their bay and you need to expand your kingdom to become the master of the game.

While the gameplay seems to be very entertaining and unique, it is fairly buggy. There will be many instances where the game suddenly closes due to bugs and you could risk losing all your unsaved progresses, or even worse, lose an ongoing battle. But this is something the developers can fix with their future update releases, which are fairly regular (the last update being on May 16, 2020). Every new update release also brings special features into the game. In the new release, you can get free resources every 4 hours, provided you play the game regularly. There are even staging events organized where you can participate everyday to play exciting battles. In fact, many of the bugs are addressed through each and every update releases.

Boulder Base: Futuristic Castle Defence is one of those few games that becomes very addictive as you keep playing the game. It’s just very hard to stop playing once you become involved in the game. Not that the game itself is easy, but that you have to take the strategies seriously or else you might end up losing the keys to your castle!

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