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Call Assistant AI Blocks Unwanted Calls

Call Assistant AI app

Calls can come from anyone at any time and anywhere, but not all these calls are convenient to take. For security purposes, people tend to take extra caution in who they talk to on phone.

Introducing a solution to all your problems regarding calls, with advanced AI technology revolutionizing our phone activities, Call Assistant AI is here just for you.

Call Assistant, created by Call Assistant Inc. is all you need to stop worrying about call problems. Call Assistant AI holds the solutions to your every call. The era of panicking or getting freaked out because of missing calls, disturbances from spam callers and robocalls, and the fear of falling victim into the hands of fraudsters, is over. 

Call Assistant AI does the following;

Life is easier with Call Assistant AI by your side. What’s more? This app is easy to use and classy on your phone.

On your iPhone and iPad devices, Call Assistant AI works best when the silence option is on. Put strange callers on silent mode to allow Call Assistant AI to take over your call affairs automatically, from unidentified numbers to familiar ones. Another way to use the app is to reject incoming calls and it will forward them to the app for further assistance.

Access to in-app subscriptions,

Call Assistant allows you to install it whenever you wish and uninstall it when you no longer want to use it.

As soon as the app is installed on your phone, a unique code allocated to your network provider will be dialed automatically and forwarded to Call Assistant’s Voicemail as a call that was missed. This process will enable the creators of the app to handle every call and other call-related matters.

After installation, you may need to grant access to your contact details, identifiers, and user content. However, you may not be required to provide diagnostics and usage data upon installation.

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