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CamFind – Learn More, Effortlessly, through Image-Based Search


Powered by superb image-recognition technology, CamFind will take what you see and serve up search results like no visual search engine that’s on the market today.

Just think, if you are standing in your kitchen, looking at a piece of chicken, and are not sure what to do with it for dinner, CamFind can come to the rescue. Take a picture of that chicken with CamFind, perform a search, and you will be presented not only with information about “chicken,” but you will also get a list of different recipes.

No more sitting in front of a browser window, typing in the precise sequence or set of words to capture results you need. Now, you simply take a photo, and let CamFind do its thing.

A free download, CamFind makes finding out more about something as easy as tapping a shutter button and waiting for the results.

The power of the app does not stop there. You are not alone in your searches, as several others are now making the paradigm shift from word-based searches to image and sound based searching. The CamFind community allows you to connect with other users, rate their searches, and use what others have already discovered.

CamFind is filled with features that make image-based searching easy and interesting, allowing you to leverage searches done by others and learning more about how to take a picture effectively to get accurate results:

It’s also very easy to use. Simply tap on the Capture button, which is found in the center bottom of the screen. Once your image is uploaded into CamFind, it goes to work, searching the Internet for anything related to that picture: a name, a title, a location where it could be found. The possibilities are endless. And the more you used CamFind, the better you will get at taking the pictures in a way that helps CamFind do its thing.

The only small snafu it needs to get over is the time is takes to bring up results. Now, between you and me, CamFind is doing some pretty deep digging, so I don’t mind waiting a bit to find about more about a product I may be staring at, before making a purchase. But I guarantee that you will like the results you see, because while it will take time to get them, they will be pretty accurate.

The only thing you have to do is download the app and then get used to tapping photos for searches instead of typing in words. Once you get used to image-based searching, you’ll wonder what you’ve been doing without it all these years!

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