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Connect Your Devices with Web PC Suite

The wonders of technology have incredibly made our lives easier and convenient. However, the more new and better technologically advanced things are discovered the more we need things to be simplified for us. A few years ago it was a fancy idea to connect your android phone or tablet to a PC using a cable. This made things easier and faster; we could transfer files, share networks among other things. However, the use of cables to connect to your computer is becoming a somewhat old and outdated idea. Connecting to your PC wirelessly is a better way but, hey, Bluetooth is there.

Nonetheless, Bluetooth has never been a favorite to many when it comes to files transfer. This is especially so due to its slow speed and inefficiency due to compatibility issues and its inability when it comes to network and internet connection. However, the ultimate solution to all these problems is here: Web PC Suite. This is android device application that will enable you to connect your phone or tablet to your PC browser without the use of USB cables. The app is efficient and offers some interesting options. We are going to have a look at this app in detail so that you get to know everything about it.

Web PC suite is an android phone or tablet application that enables its users to connect their devices to a PC browser without the use of USB cables and be able to completely manage their devices. This application from GeekSoft is convenient and more efficient in the sense that first of all it is faster than any other wireless means of connection. The application is also able to transfer any kinds of files as well as other applications to your PC and vice versa with no technicalities at all. The files in your device will be grouped into categories such as gallery, video music and so on. This will make it easier to sort out the files and have your files organized. The app is also compatible with all the major browser types namely; Firefox, chrome, opera, safari and Internet Explorer. If you want to transfer content on cross platform, say between iPad, Mac and Android you can do so without any problems.

This is a simple yet very effective application. It is simple to get started with Web PC Suite as it is simple to use it. This is a free app and all you have to do at first is to download it for free and install it on your device and PC. After you are done on this step you will be good to go as you can immediately connect your phone or tablet and manage it on your PC’s browser. It is as simple as that!

One of the reasons as to why this is a unique application is because of its outstanding features. These features include the ability to completely manage your phone from your PC. This means that you can play songs, conduct all file operations such as move, cut, and copy, create new folders as well as fast connect to the internet. Web PC Suite is unique in the sense that it has no compatibility issues with any device. You don’t need any kind of drivers or any such things in order to use this application. However, your PC and android device have to share the same network in order for this app to connect.

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