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Create Memories of Your Adventures With Alpacr App

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Travelling is one of the most freeing activity you can do in your life, and Alpacr makes that experience seem more enjoyable by making it very easy for you. It makes use of the concept of learning from other’s experience, in a format that is familiar to everyone who uses social media apps. It is a great new app to log all of your travel adventures (as if you would in a travel blog) and fill it with tons of pictures and experiences that might help other fellow travelers.

The concept behind Alpacr is very simple. You can either be a traveler who wants to post a review or someone who wants to know details about your next destination. You will find all pins which indicate geographical travel destinations where people have been to, and posted a review. If you zoom in further, the number of pins increases, so you can either get a review of a restaurant in your next travel destination, or get a generalized review about the entire place in itself. There might be a pub right around the corner that serves the best beer, and you will find that information in the app. It is a great tool to help you become a smart traveler or a tourist.

There is a new search feature in the app, where travelers can search for travel stories by other travelers across the world and can be either inspired or even take notes. Whether you are looking for a trip to the Grand Canyon or the islands of Japan, or even the high peaks of Andes, all of these are just a search result away from you! No matter what your travel style is, you can find reviews and tips from other travelers of similar interest. No matter where you go, to an island or the waterfalls of Africa, or the dense Amazon forest, you can use this wonderful app to enter your reviews and experiences.

Much like most of the social media apps, Alpacr helps you choose your own followers and set your own privacy settings. Either you can approve follow requests from other members of Alpacr, or you can let anyone follow you. The same goes for the kind of content you post. You can also use the app to connect to other travelers who have been to various places that you want to visit, or maybe even connect to other travelers who are available nearby. You can find both solo, and traveling couples. You can find reviews about every renowned travel destination in here.

The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones both, and you can visit the website of Alpacr to download the app, or you could search for it in the app store. For Android users, the smartphone should support an OS greater than version 6. For now, there has been no bugs in the app. The interface is simple and all kinds of options that you need are right available on the home screen. The ‘Create Trip’ option is available on the Profile tab. While using the app is a great way to motivate yourself to travel, it lacks the ability for fellow travelers to be able to post short videos in their trip blogs, which could have improved the entire experience for other Alpacr users.

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