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Drink Agenda Solves Drinking Problem

Drink Agenda

You may be wondering what this app is, what this app does, and what makes it special.

In this article, I’ll walk you through every detail about the app and what are the advantages of using this app and so more.

Well, this app is made for those who have a drinking problem.

So if you happened to be one or you know someone and you want to help them to get over it this app is a must-have app.

Let me tell you in detail about what this app does.

To use the app you need to sign in there are multiple options for you to sign in like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

You start your journey in the app by setting days on the calendar where you put your standard number of drink limits on a daily basis you can fill a monthly plan like how many drinks you want to drink for example if I used to drink 5 drinks every day and I want to decrease that number or skip some days I will fill on the app calendar that I will have 2 drinks on Monday and maybe skip Tuesday and so on…  After that, you will give a reason why you are doing this because reason gives you motivation.

Then you will set a goal there are also different goals other than drink for example Weight Loss etc.

Then you will plan your tactics from the lists on the app like “Keep track of how much and how often you drink” and others.

And finally, you can track your monthly, daily report on how much you drank and how you are following it, and so on.

The best part about this app is that you can import and export your records in CSV and JSON format.

You can also enable notification so that it will remind you every time.

The premium membership includes 

Which costs only 2$ per month.

You can also delete your account any time you want on the profile section.

They have Dark themes and light themes so if you are obsessed with the dark theme they got your back.

Let’s see how users rate this app.

The app has 3.6 stars on the play store.

With 15 total reviews from those 15 people, 6 of them gave 5 stars, 1 gave 4 stars and the rest is 1 star.

As a suggestion, I think it is better if they also have multiple language options for the app.

Some unattractive thing that I found on Drink Agenda app is that the User Interface is not managed perfectly like the Top navigation bar should be on the bottom because the app is a mobile app, not a website so I think they need to fix that.

Another thing that I found unattractive is that there is a footer on every page and it gave me some thought maybe the app is multiplatform which means they used the same code for the website and the mobile app.

So this UI is perfect for websites but not for mobile because it’s not common to see a footer in the mobile app at least if it was only on one page like on the profile page but the footer is on every page instead they can create an about button which will redirect them to this about page and they can put the footer contents on the about page.

If they could contact a professional UI designer I am pretty sure that they will get very good help.

Finally, Drink Agenda is good and I recommend you to check it for yourself.

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