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Edit and Process 4K/HD videos for Sharing on YouTube with Best Quality

4K video app

It’s no surprise that as technology we use to take video grows in its capacity to capture increasing levels of detail and quality, the files produced are equally as complex and large, requiring special software that can handle them. More videos are being taken from high end devices like iPhone X, 4K resolution cameras, DLSR cameras, GoPros and drones. While the captured content is all that one could hope for, it’s the editing, saving and sharing that become a nuisance. That’s where VideoProc excels.

VideoProc is no stranger to the 4K video processing scene. One of many products designed and offered by Digiarty, VideoProc makes video downloading, editing and sharing, on a variety of platforms, an easy task, saving its users time and producing desired results.

By leveraging GPU (hardware) accelerated processing power, VideoProc swiftly parses through your media files and supports easy edits and saves. Specifically, it takes advantage of GPUs from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA to make this happen. The editor allows you to specify the destination platform, like editing and uploading videos on YouTube or Instagram, so conversions are made to spec and the resulting file maintains original quality as if you were watching it from the device from which it was captured. While editing, you can specify video resolutions, bit rates, fps, aspect ratios and more to fit Instagram or YouTube or whatever your destination media is. There have been complaints that Instagram degrades the quality of iPhone videos, but if you run those videos through VideoProc, you will maintain quality. With this inherent power, it is also able to process videos and folders of videos in bulk. This not only includes 4K UHD but 8K clips as well.

Once you have your full videos or video clips looking like you want, you can easily upload to one of the many popular social media sites for all to enjoy. Before uploading, you can even calculate 4K video size to see how large your file will be, after you done your edits. Different sized files result from different densities and FPS (frames per second). Because VideoProc supports high-definition video so well, your uploads look professional and pleasing to eye. That means quality content on YouTube, Instagram, or any other social media you choose to use. Your viewers will be impressed!

This leads me to the discussion on video editing. While most video processing software packages obviously support editing, some can be complicated to use. VideoProc has learned from this shortcoming in other packages and offers a well-designed interface and intuitive function sets to empower users with simple and straightforward editing options. For those who are experts, they can tweak all they want. The usability ranges from novice to professional, which means this tool will always meet your needs, even as you grow more adept at video editing.

VideoProc examines your PCs hardware first, to know what it has to work with. Using this information allows it to leverage processing power from the hardware. With this, users can trim, crop, clip, rotate, merge and rearrange to their heart’s content. It’s ability to smooth out shakes, vibrations and bumps in the video is superb, and is a necessity as most videos now are being taken by people on the move.

Not much is lacking in this tool so it’s a little difficult to offer up any suggestions on improvements. If there were anything I could suggest, it would be to rearrange and space out their website content a little differently to make things easier to read. Currently, many pages look fairly dark and the scrolling through them is a little difficult.

Other than that, I would highly recommend giving VideoProc a shot if you are in the market for some quality video processing software.

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