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FinalRentals Streamlines Car Rental Experiences

FinalRentals app

Many years ago, when you needed to rent a car, you would call a car rental agency and work with an agent. After the internet boom, that process transitioned to the use of websites and online booking/management of rentals. Now, we have apps. While many rental agencies still function primarily via their websites, with some functions provides through an app, one new car rental company is making waves with an app that allows you to perform all of the necessary steps needed to rent a car, from an app.

FinalRentals is a car rental app that currently only works for rentals in Dubai and the surrounding area, but whether you venture there occasionally or often, it is definitely something to look into, because it makes the rental process much easier. It’s a free download and it coordinates well with its website.

What makes FinalRentals so valuable is that is connects you with several car rental agencies in the United Arab Emirates and offers you choices that would take hours to hunt down and compare, if you were do this on your own. FinalRentals provides options from practically every shopping mall and airport location in U.A.E. These would be the more popular places from where you’d need a rental. Final Rentals also includes several downtown locations for the various car rental agencies it supports. Cities include Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and several other big cities.

Speaking of supported car rental agencies, the full list can be found on FinalRental’s website (, but it’s good to know that the app will find and show you available rentals from Budget, Thrifty and Dollar, along with several more well-known agencies from that region. I like to think of FinalRentals as the for car rentals. To find a deal, you enter information like where you want to pick up your car from, how long you need it for, and details on what type of car you are look for. The app does the rest. It will locate rentals and will display them for you in an easy to read format. When you find what you are looking for, you tap on it and place the order.

They even cut you deals when you rent for longer terms. If you select a monthly rental, the car is delivered to you. What I would like to see is a loyalty program where you earn points towards free or reduced rate rentals.

The overall layout and usability of the app is straightforward and easy to use. It works pretty quick, if you’ve got a solid internet connection. I look forward to an expansion to their app to include more countries and cities. They have a good thing going.

FinalRentals is an app worth downloading if you want an easier experience finding and renting the right car at the right price.

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