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Fit the Picture – Puzzle Fun that’s More Than Meets the Eye

Fit the Picture

If you are looking for a game that does not frustrate or irritate or cause you to get addicted, but actually does some good, then download Fit the Picture today. It’s a jigsaw puzzle game that is easy at first, and increases in complexity if you so choose to attempt larger images, but keeps all puzzles available to anyone who wants to fix them. There are levels, but you are not barred from completing puzzles at higher levels simply because you did not complete the previous levels.

Fit the Picture is a collection of 750 images from nature. There are pictures of kittens, puppies, fields filled with flowers, mountains, and more. Each one actually is quite serene and most are very cute. It’s hard not to feel happy or just feel good when you see the finished images.

The app itself is very simple right now. I am sure there are more additions to come. An example is that the only item you can “configure” in Settings is the sound, which you can turn on/off. That’s it. You will also see a yellow coin at the top right corner, which represents the number coins you have earned. The app starts you off with 1000.

Since we are at the top of the screen, in the middle you will see a yellow star, within which is a number representing the number of puzzles you have completed. Another item in the app that makes you feel good.

From the main menu, if you select Play, you will see a list of 15 levels of games. Each level will have 50 puzzles to complete. If you choose to start at Level 15, you can do so. It’s all about what you want to do, not what the app will allow you to do. Note that when you download the app, all of Level 1 games are already downloaded. If you move on to Level 15 for the very first time, the app will need to download those puzzles, so be sure to have good WiFi or data.

Each puzzle will show as a grid. At Level 1, the grid will have nine squares. Most of the picture will already be completed. You simply have to go and place the few missing pieces to make the picture complete. At Level 1 this will be super easy. What I liked about his was that it was kind of nice to accomplish something easily. It kind of gave me a boost to move on to more things in my day.

As you complete more puzzles you earn points. What you do with those point, I don’t know. I have not reached that far into the game to find out. But, what I do know is that you can jump right into the higher level puzzles whenever you want. The higher level puzzles increase in grid size, all the way up to 36 square grid, so while you think it will be easy, it may prove you wrong.

What I hope the creators will be able to fix is the movement and snapping of tiles in their place. I had difficulty dragging tiles and making them stick. Sometimes, even though I was right over the empty spot, it will stick just a hair off.

That aside, Fit the Picture was fun to play. I like things that do not incite frustration, and this game does the opposite.

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