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Healthzilla – Create a Personalized Fitness Plan Based on Physical and Mental Factors

Healthzilla app

Are you in the market for a new kind of health app? I’m not talking just a fitness tracker or step counter; I’m talking overall health. If that has you scratching your head, then consider this: overall health is affected not only by your physical fitness and dietary habits but is considerably influenced by your mental well-being.

Healthzilla is the app that helps you take information from almost anything that can affect your overall well-being and use that information to create a fitness program that works for you. It even has its own mascot and character named Zilla that bring some fun and humor to using a health app. Zilla will remind you to drink plenty of water to ward off afternoon snack attacks and so much more.

To start, all you have to do is download the free app. Once it’s installed, it will automatically analyze information that has been collected and store in the Apple Health app and in your Fitbit app. This information is used to create a baseline of your current state of health.

Once his baseline is created, you can then follow suggestions provided by the app on how set and meeting goals. What is so great about this app is that it not only takes into account your daily activity and eating habits, but factors in how you are feeling, not just today but over the past few days, to recommend activities for the current day. It doesn’t just throw a pre-programmed sequence of workout activities, it’s smarter than that.

If you are feeling down or haven’t been sleeping as well, it will take this into account and will recommend the appropriate activity for the day. This is so important because instead of completely doing nothing, you can at least have an option to do a light workout session or a relaxing meditation sequence, and still make a contribution to your overall health.

As you complete activities, these are logged and factored into your progress which you can see on the dashboard. It monitors your heart rate, overall strength, mobility, nervous system, mood and more. What I would love to see is how this data looks over one month, three months, six months and one year. This would give a great pictorial representation of your progress.

I plan on using Healthzilla to help me stay on track with my workouts and know which ones to pick so I stay active no matter what my mood.

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