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Improve Your Productivity with Finale To Do: Tasks & Widgets

Finale To Do

Whether you are a student, homemaker, or professional, there is always so much to do that you might find yourself forgetting important stuff often. And the more you try to remember all information, the more stressed and frantic you feel. That is where a mobile app comes to your rescue. They help you save your endless to-do list into the app and free up your brain to live the moment.

With the app store overflowing with similar apps, you might feel overwhelmed to choose the one that suits your needs. Finale To Do: Tasks & Widget is a productivity-based app developed by Grant Oganyan. The app is a simple yet effective task manager cum planner with a stunning home screen widget.

To begin, you need to make a one-time payment to gain app access for life. No endless subscriptions, premiums, and pros. Click on the installed app icon to enter your name. On the next screen, enable notifications. Or not. But if you choose to, the app alerts you on high-priority tasks and supports you in timely completion. And yes, you can sync the app to iCloud, backup your data, and access them across multiple devices. That’s it. You are all set to use the Finale.

Click the + button and keep adding tasks. The app also makes generic task suggestions like rearranging furniture, canceling a streaming subscription, scheduling coffee chats, booking travel tickets, or buying food for your pet, just in case you need to add them. Long-press a task to add further notes, assign a due date, set a notification, or delete it. Double-tap for quick edits. For high-priority ones, simply add a ! mark to the task name. Completed a task? Click the checkbox near a task name to check it off your list.

Have several related tasks? You can group them by creating a new list. You can also view your tasks list-wise or have a quick overview. Additionally, you can sort them by time created, the due date of completion, priority, and name.

Here’s the fun part. To motivate you and celebrate small wins, Finale To Do presents you with awards. For every task you complete, you receive points. Once you accumulate enough points to reach level 5, you will unlock cool dark and light themes. As you level up, you will discover several level perks. However, if you can’t wait to level up and wish to unlock all features in one go, you can get immediate access for a nominal price.

All perks include

Under the statistics section, you can view your completed tasks, points, badges, no. of days active, and streaks. Finale To Do also has eight amazing badges in store, waiting for you to discover.

What are you waiting for? Spend a couple of minutes every day, update your tasks list, prioritize, manage your time effectively and improve your productivity with Finale. Download the app now.

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