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KeepSolid Business VPN – Empower Employees to Work from Wherever – Safely and Securely

KeepSolid VPN

Most businesses these days allow for employees to work from remote locations, either permanently or on occasion. Many businesses are completely virtual, meaning there is no brick and mortar building in which the employees all congregate to get thing done. Many business have customers around the world and may even have sales teams located in the same locations to help support them.

Whatever the case, these businesses all rely on what’s called VPN to open up safe and secure access to each other and to the systems that make everything work. A solid VPN is required to make sure only those users who are supposed to have access to your systems can get in. Business VPN is an app created by KeepSolid that provides businesses big and small the protection they need to allow employees to work remotely and safely login to systems they need access to. This also allows for connectivity between employees on flexible schedules, which feeds into employee satisfaction and better performance.

An easy to setup system, Business VPN provides a variety of functionality and usability in the hands of your admins and users. First off, you need to download a copy and set up accounts for your admin(s). Once the admins have access and have set up the servers and any other required pieces of information, they can get to work sending out invites to employees to create their own accounts and obtain access to the company’s servers through VPN.

What is important to note here is that you want to make sure you are setting up users on the right set of servers so they have access to the information they need and to the networks they are required to have access to in order to get their work done and communicate with others throughout the organization without issue. Business VPN is accessible by all of your users because it runs on a variety of platforms, most prominently on iOS and Android; but accessibility is there and fully functional – so employees are not forced to have a particular type of devices. It makes BYOD possible and safe.

Once servers are setup, KeepSolid does the dirty work of monitoring activities on your servers, watching for attempts by non-authorized users to access those servers and preventing such breaches of security.

Customer service is reliable and available 24/7. Users and admins alike can ask questions when they come across an issue or need information or assistance getting set up. Business VPN ensures ultimate security through multilayer encryption of data that is in transit between users, between users and servers and on data that sits on servers. This also include video conferencing and anything shared through messaging systems.

Possible improvements to the app may include regularly scheduled reports of activity on each server, attempts to infiltrate and more, so admins have an idea of how to better distribute loads and to see what information is being targeted.

As an VPN service that support businesses that work to bring employees together via a virtual workspace, Business VPN is an app to consider.

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