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Learn the Art of Punctuation with EZCOMMA

Many of the android apps available on the Play Store today are apps mainly targeted towards providing enjoyment to users. EZCOMMA is different in that the main aim of using the app is to educate the users. The developers have structured this app in such a way that learning will be easy and straightforward. Let’s take a plunge and see what the app brings to the table.

Simply put, this app aims at ensuring that you become a better writer easily and quickly. It helps highlight most of the commonly made mistakes by budding writers and explains the concepts in such a manner that’s easy to understand to get the point home in the shortest time possible. Punctuation is one area of the English language that gives many people a lot of problems mastering. Reading random texts online will show how big this issue is. Unfortunately, apart from the training done in school, there are very few other avenues that train punctuation. Luckily, EZCOMMA is here to fix this. The app gives sufficient training for all the common punctuation problems. What’s more? It has been built for use by people of all ages so even kids can use it to get a better grade in school.

To use this app you only need a supported android device and a desire to learn. Of course, you need some basic understanding of the English language. After downloading and installing the app, you will be all set to learn. It comes with five lessons, though the first and last lesson is split into two halves. There’s also an interactive review section that will give you an idea of the progress that you are making in your training. Moving from one lesson to the other is simple thanks to the well-designed menu. In the lesson area, you’ll find Mr. E. Z. Comma, who will be your teacher as you try to get to better heights in the English grammar. There’s also a green screen next to your teacher where the lessons will be projected to show you exactly what every aspect of English punctuation using commas and semicolons is all about.

Unlike real-world classrooms, soft, original music is played in the background. This will keep you relaxed and entertained as you learn. If you are one of the people who prefer to work in silence, this music may come as a distraction. The developers thought of this early and conveniently included the option of muting the music to provide a quiet environment for learning. You can also do this if you prefer to listen to your own custom playlist.

In addition to the soft background music, EZCOMMA helps you monitor your progress with the interactive review section. When compared to most other similar apps, this section makes EZCOMMA a very unique learning application that is dedicated to actually improving your English skills. The whole idea of EZCOMMA is useful for both kids and adults. The only con that we were able to identify is the small number of lessons. If developers could increase the number of lessons or add lesson packs that handle specific aspects of learning English, then the app would be a more practical and even more useful tool for people learning how to use the language. That aside, it’s a hands-on and very useful tool for everyone.

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