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MacX MediaTrans – Manage and Maintain iOS Data with an Easy to Use Device App

MacX MediaTrans

If you are an iOS user you know that most of your interactions with apps occurs on your mobile device, whether it’s your iPhone or iPad. The issue is how to keep things organized when the memory on those devices starts to run out or things just aren’t running as smoothly as you want. At that point, you need an app that makes it easy to move and manage your content across all of your iOS devices. That app would be MacX MediaTrans.

MediaTrans is your control tower for all of the apps and data that float across and into your devices. Installed on your Mac, it gives you a bird’s eye view of what you’ve got, lets you move things around and keeps in you in know of all limitations, what needs to be addressed, and more.

You have control over the following areas:

  1. Photos – quickly backup and safely store photos from your iPhone and iPad onto your Mac. It takes just 8 second to transfer 4Ks worth of photos. If and when you need to have them on a device, easily find them and copy them over. Convert files to JPG so they can be viewed on all devices.
  2. Music Manager – sync music across your iPhone, iPad and Mac, without losing songs. You can use MediaTrans to add, delete and edit playlists and create albums, that in turn sync up on all devices. It auto converts between MP3 and AAC and is much more reliable than iTunes.
  3. Video Transfers – translates videos in MKV, AVI, MTS and other formats into what your iPhone or iPad understands. Lets you orient videos so they look good on your devices and allows for compaction, so the files don’t eat up valuable real estate.
  4. File Encryption – MediaTrans encrypts files so they are secure and will be stored and transferred safely.
  5. Voice and Ringtones – MediaTrans provides a wider variety of ringtones compared to iTunes. You can create your own as well. Voice memos, podcasts and iTunes U content is easily transferable, maintaining a high level of quality.
  6. Books – it’s easy to transfer and sync up all of your books, at once. Handles Epub, PDF and Audiobooks. Converts Epub files to PDF, HTML and TXT.
  7. Flash Drive – use your iPhone like a flash drive. Easily clone files from your Mac onto your iPhone with a single tap.

The program is easy to navigate and use. All functions are straightforward and easy to find. The layout of each screen is clean and easy to read. All you have to do is decide on what you want to backup. MediaTrans does the rest.

What was not apparent to me, but may exist, is the ability to backup the device, not just sync it, with one tap from my device. That would be quite useful.

Until then, I will continue to enjoy the ability to manage my content easily and more safely using MediaTrans. If you are interested in MediaTrans, you can get the giveaway version here.

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