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Magic Land ADHD – Learning Game Made for ADHD Kids

Magic Land ADHD

Learning apps abound in the app world, but few cater to the needs of ADHD kids. If you are looking for an app for your child who is between the ages of 7 and 15 and has ADHD, consider downloading Magic Land ADHD Learning Game.

It’s a free to download app that provides kids with activities and games which inherently exercise their mind in math, spelling, reading, various languages and general school subjects like science, geography, music, art and more.

There are modes that parents can put in place to customize the app for their child’s specific needs. One of these features was the ability to put the app in “learn mode”. In this mode, the child participates in the tasks and exercises without having to actually play the games. This can be extremely beneficial for those kids who could get distressed by the pressures of playing a game.

Parents can also choose to turn on/off certain subjects, so their child can focus on the ones they need practice in and not be bothered by the others.

The beauty of Magic Land is that kids learn through activities. The entire app is comprised of games and activities that exercise various concepts. These games and activities are a part of quests in which you will figure out and use magic spells, fight off bosses and overtake your enemies all within a place called Magic Land. Your ultimate quest is to find your way home, but you have to solve several problems before you get there.

The app provides practice for the following educational areas presented in a way that suits ADHD learners:

Exercises are simple and fun to do. For instance, to learn spelling, one of the exercises had kids look at a picture of an item, and then spell it out using a provided set of letter blocks. When incorrect letters are chosen, the app lets the child know, so they can rearrange and try again. What this app specializes in is designing these exercises to appeal to ADHD kids and keep them engaged. The time span and type of activities is key to helping these kids maintain focus.

I would like to see the ability to track progress and maybe even send reports to an email account just so parents can see and save their child’s progress.

Until then, Magic Land ADHD as it stands surpasses expectations and provides an amazing experience for kids with ADHD.

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