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Make My Family Turns Friends and Family into Toons

Make My Family

Looking for some fun times with friends and family? Then you have to download Make My Family! It’s an amusing app that takes any kind of picture and morphs it into a cartoon. Many of us have always wondered what we would look like if we were a cartoon, and now is your chance to find out.

Imagine the laughs you’ll get when you upload a pic of your cousin, to see what the app will do. Prominent features become the focal point of the toon version of his face.

The app is a free download, and works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, provided you have iOS 8.1 of later running. It’s a large app, over 1MB, so be sure to have WiFi when you start the download process.

Once you download, you will find the interface to be fairly easy to use. To turn a picture into an amusing depiction of someone, you can choose a photo from the photos on your device, upload from a location, or take one right then and there.

Once the app has its hands on an image, it will immediately go to work capturing every small detail and transforming it into something that is funny and will have everyone rolling on the floor.

The app not only provides entertainment value, but can be used as a safety tool, as well. How can that be, you ask? Well, think of all the apps on which you have uploaded a profile picture. It’s fun to show people who you are, but sometimes you don’t want to share too much.

Now you can create a toon of yourself and use that!

Ok, now back to the app. The app will automatically transform a real image and turn it into a cartoon; but, you can work your artistic magic, too. You can select from a myriad of options to customize your creation:

Cartoons you create don’t have to stay on your device. You can also print images and use them on postcards and posters. Imagine the fun you’ll have creating a poster for a friend. They can make great gifts.

The only downside I saw to the app was its size. It is an extremely large app for what it does, and there are others out there that don’t take up as much space. I would also like to see some direct compatibility with social media, so connectivity is seamless and automatic – you can use what you’ve created immediately.

On a lighter note, once you successfully download, you will get hours of fun out of this Make My Family. Kids especially will love it!

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