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Make Your Vacation Last Forever – Memotrips

Memotrips app

No vacation lasts forever, but you can make the memories and magical moments stay intact long after the vacation has ended. How, you ask? Download Memotrips and find out.

Memotrips is an app that allows you to essentially journal your trip, long or short, local or abroad, so you can capture the moment and never forget it. It’s basically a travel diary, but it’s does not limit you to words, it allows you to create and capture events in so many ways.

When you first download the app, you will get a quick and colorful overview of what the app has to offer. Swipe through the pages that display beautiful destinations to get to the main screen. From here you will see several options:

I was really impressed by what Memotrip had to offer. I am getting ready for a long weekend myself, so I created a new travel diary days before the trip so I could note all the things I wanted to remember about planning and packing.

After creating a diary, you create stages, which essentially would be steps, events, things you want to capture. Creating a stage requires you to provide a title, description, date and location. You cannot save the stage without these. Once created, you can add a photo and share the info.

What I was not impressed with was the inability to upload a photo from my library as the cover for my latest diary. It simply would not work. The selections to make while creating a new diary are also not intuitive. For example, when you select the destination country, it does not give you the option to move to the next screen. I could not tell if the selection took.

Barring that inconvenience, I managed to jot notes and capture every fun moment. I even saved a few frustrating ones, as well, simply so I could look back and laugh. I highly recommend Memotrips to anyone who wants to actively journal their trips and experiences in real time.

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