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Master Outdoor Survival Skills Using Roebuck Survival app

Roebuck app

An unexpected turn of events may lift you up or bring you down. In a fast-paced work environment and world, each and every person should possess what it takes to survive and persist. You might find yourself in an impossible or unimaginable situation any day, be it at work or in the wild. If you love venturing out in the woods, there are a few basic survival skills you must be aware of before stepping out from the comfort of your house. In addition to being book smart, you need to practice the survival skills before you rely on them.

When we say survival skills, the first thing to come into our minds is the fire. It is the Lion of the jungle, king of all survival techniques out there. If anyone questions you about the uses of fire, your instant answer would be, it keeps us warm. In addition to just keeping people warm during a cold night, we can use fire to cook food, to heat water & purify it, as a source of light, and protect ourselves from predators. When in danger, the fire and smoke can be used as a rescue signal.  Having said all that, even a small kid knows the importance of collecting firewood, adding fuel, and igniting them at night.

However, it is not as simple as that all the time. What can you possibly do when it starts raining cats and dogs? How can you make a fire when everything around you is damp? Where can you rest if the land is soggy due to the downpour? How can you make your tent when the wind is determined to blow it away? Introducing the Roebuck Survival app by Roebuck Digital Limited, your survival companion and a memory aid.

Roebuck is the best educational play store app out there that helps you to learn and remember essential survival skills. From locating a suitable place to camp and building a shelter, starting a fire, finding water that is suitable for consumption, identifying fruits or vegetables that are not poisonous, getting to know the direction by looking at the sun and the stars, to sending out a signal in distress, Roebuck helps.

For example, if it is raining, you can make a fire by setting dry wood aside beforehand and using it when needed. Wrap some wood in a pair of socks and secure it a hollow in any nearby tree. Use dry leaves to close the hollow and prevent the firewood from getting damp. Also, while using matches to light a fire, instead of striking it out, strike it towards your body. The natural cupping position of the hand holding the matchbox will prevent the fire from dying out. Choose s site with an extensive tree cover. Simple but amazing ain’t it?

Even something as plain as charcoal has several uses. Care to know? Download the Roebuck Survival app right away and keep the learning curve high.

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