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MedOClock Makes Taking Medicine Easier

medoclock app

It won’t make the pills go down any easier, but MedOClock is an app that keeps you organized about the medications you are on. You don’t have to be taking a plethora of medications or have to be old to use this app. This app is a simple and easy way to track what you are taking, so you have one place to go to reference the list and you don’t have to remember if you have taken a particular pill or not.

While the app is named MedOClock, you can easily use it to track medications that are short term, long term, vitamins, supplements, and anything else that you need help with.

The app doesn’t stop at medications. You can enter information about appointments you have scheduled and setup reminders. By the way, reminders can be set up for just about anything you have added in the app. This goes for medicines, vitamins, and even just drinking plenty of water.

Aptly named the Smart Pillbox, MedOClock takes the guesswork out of when to take your pills and whether or not you’ve taken them. The app will send gentle reminders for you to take your pills, and you can acknowledge taking them, so you know if you taken enough or if you are lacking for the day.

What I really liked about the app is that I can add others to my app, so that I can monitor and manage medications for someone else. This has come in handy for my son, who recently had to complete two series of antibiotics, each having different dosages and frequencies of administrations.

It is great to have as a reminder system while you are taking the medications, and as a history, so you know what you have taken, when, and for how long. It’s all in the app, so you can pull it up anytime a doctor or pharmacist has questions.

This helps you help your medical advisors provide you with optimal care.

Another great feature is the ability to keep emergency contact information in the app. This is of great use for elderly family members, who may not remember who to contact for help in an already stressful moment, or for younger ones.

I really couldn’t find much to complain about in this app. I myself use it to list and monitor all of my vitamins, as I currently don’t take too many medicines. What I would have liked is the ability to backup the information elsewhere so I know I will never lose it.

If you or someone you know needs help organizing their medicine cabinet, download MedOClock today. Taking medications is hassle enough – make it easier with an app that cares.

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