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Mobo Kids – Simple Puzzle Making Fun for Little Ones

Mobo Kids puzzle featured

If you are looking for a simple and safe app that will stimulate your tot’s mind while keeping them busy, then look no further than Mobo Kids Puzzle. It’s a cleanly designed app that allows kids to explore a neat scene while learning to fit correct pieces of a picture into the place where they belong.

The app is so well designed that it takes absolutely no effort to figure out how to play. For adults, it’s kind of nice, but we all know that the kids will catch on quickly without exerting any effort whatsoever.

When you download and open the app you will see the main screen. This is where you get to explore five different places and things you would find there: the arctic, a medieval castle, underwater worlds, outer space and the jungle.

Each place is chock full of items, landscapes and animals you would typically find there. The app presents a part of the full picture one at a time. Within that snippet of the picture, it will show an object darkened or hollowed out. Next, it shows you two pictures, each situated at the bottom corners of the screen. Your child must determine which picture will fit into the empty space.

This forces kids to think about what they are looking at (context) which shape would fit best (some spacial recognition), and then they must move the picture over the space to see if they chose correctly. If the choice is incorrect, the picture will not settle and will move back to is original spot. If it’s correct, it fits right in, just like a puzzle piece would, and the app then moves on to another section of the picture.

What was neat was how each completed piece then became an animation.

After all pieces have been placed, the entire picture is produced and the screen fills with stars. Once you close the completed picture by tapping on the X, you will see that the next picture is made available to you.

From the main screen you’ll also see an icon of a fox or mouse near the bottom right. This takes you to a place where you can purchase similar apps from the creators. Tapping on this will invoke parental controls, so know that you are safe from your child making inadvertent purchases!

The only downside to this free app is that there are only five puzzles to complete. After that, you have to purchase one of there other suggested apps if you wish to continue the fun.

Outside of that, Mobo Kids was so refreshingly clean and entertaining for little ones, that I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe app to keep their kids busy. This app is also available on Play Store.

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