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MyMathy – Enjoy Learning Maths without a Teacher

MyMathy app

Name a school subject before a large audience of students, and what you get are many scared learners who will cringe at the mention of Math! One of the perceived toughest educational subjects is mathematics because of its complex calculations.

Alas! In this 21st century of the computer age, technology has revolutionized learning online by using academic apps to ease stress, making way for the variety of mathematical apps meant for diverse concepts. MyMathy, an app created for educational purposes but dedicated mainly to maths, is among the products of relief to worried students who have a phobia of maths.

Regarded as the best buddy to the users, MyMathy has English as its default language to accommodate people of all races. It provides simplified math-solving processes designed with fun features. At no cost, your math partner is already at your fingertips. You will not even feel as if you are working hard sums. With step-by-step clarifications for an easy read, enjoy learning math without a teacher close to you. Find correct answers to brain-tasking questions in any math topic while having so much fun. This app enhances education in many ways. What else makes MyMathy app unique? The game part!

Many students are used to the strict and formal approaches that math is known for. Just get the topic, scan through the questions, and kick-start your rigorous journey of searching for what x stands for while y is missing in-between the lines, at the same time, z also needs attention from beta. Gross, right?

But MyMathy makes these difficult steps and clue-findings seem like a game. All you have to do is to select your choice of math topic and level of difficulty, then viola! The fun begins. Time-bound quizzes are also available. This will enable you to brainstorm on the correct answers for the numerous math sums. Sharpen your mental stamina and IQ. Get the points. The game is straightforward with different levels, from amateur status to guru.

This app is suitable for people of all ages, from children to young adults. Parents do not have to sweat anymore with the presence of MyMathy because child-friendly questions are part of its features for 4-year-olds and above. Its benefits also include identifying texts written by hand.

The creators of MyMathy value users’ privacy. According to their privacy policy, they don’t request any other information excerpt personal details when needed. The reason may be due to a pending service that must be rendered to users. In accordance with legal regulations and fairness, the app does not decide on your information without your consent. You will also know the purpose of the request when the details will be used, and the way the details will work. If you don’t want access to your privacy, you can reject the request.

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