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New Graphic Design Tool Amadine Provides Users with Creative Options

Amadine app

There are several tools out there that support graphic design, but most people will call to mind the one that is most widely used, Adobe Illustrator. While Illustrator packs a powerful punch, it’s always nice knowing there are other options so you can try them out and see what works best for you, because one solution does not always fit all needs.

Amadine is just such a contender, however it requires that you have access to a Mac in order to use it, which is the only restriction. It has been designed to meet the needs of seasoned graphics artists and for those who are new to the game. It has successfully balanced usability with top quality, making it a tool for all. One of those features which stood out strong was the fact that Amadine provides you with the tools you need to get things done, and nothing more. At times, some of these graphic design apps offer more than what’s needed, which can make use of the tool confusing. The less clutter there is, the faster you can get down to business and the less distracted you get.

Amadine provides precision drawing through the use of a Pen tool, enabling users to precisely draw smooth lines, stroke effects and modifiers that allow you to render each line the way you want it to look. The Draw tool offers the standard brush and freehand pencil tool for all of the basic drawing functionality you will need to create.

It’s easy to specify line widths in Amadine, removing the need to do so manually. The app also supports a kaleidoscope of color, so filling objects, shading and overlaps can be made to look exactly how you want, with endless options. Lettering and typography are well supported, so you can add text to your images. In all, there are over 30 tools that allow users to create, control and edit images and parts of pictures. Files can be automatically saved, so you never lose a thing, and supported formats include JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF and SVG.

In the latest revision, Touch Bar controls have been added to support the Arc tool and Touch Bar controls for Star and Polygon tools have been improved. The developers seek to provide such improvements to ensure the tool provides maximum benefit to users

I think it would be nice to have this app on the iPad, to allow for quick touch ups and edits while you are on the go and something comes to mind for image updates.

Until then, Amadine on the Mac is a perfect offering for graphics designers, experienced or novice, looking for a clean and easy to use tool that produces quality results.

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