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Noodles Now – Speed Through Streets of Mars to Meet Delivery Goals

Noodles Now screenshot

Test your ability to react quickly and maneuver your motorbike in a race to deliver food to hungry customers. Noodles Now: Mars Needs Noodles is a fast-paced intoxicating game that serves up tons of entertainment for players of all ages.

The app is free to download and comes equipped with a variety of in-app purchases we’ll get into later. The object of this game is to move your racer, or more correctly, delivery person, through the streets of a city on planet Mars. Each city sits in a dome and its streets line up to a clean grid system. Customers reside throughout the various buildings that populate the city, so you will be moving around, traveling over almost all the streets to get to where you need to be.

Each order will be flagged so you will easily see it. Visibility in the app is well-designed. You see the main screen which is displayed in what I like to call first person, so it’s as if you are sitting on the motorbike. A small inset window shows you where you are in reference to the entire city, so you can scan out where all the pending orders are and what path you want to take. This inset window also lets you navigate better, because you can see upcoming turns and you can plan out your path to your destination.

The app automatically moves you forward, your controls allow you to make turns: left, right or U-turns. What is neat in this app is that the controls are slightly customizable. Before you start playing, you can choose your control window. It’s basically a zone in which your input will be recognizable. Within this zone, you swipe left to take a left turn, swipe right to make a right turn. If you draw an upside-down U, it lets you make a U-turn, and there are a few places you will want to do this, especially when you just pass a street you were supposed to turn on.

As you pass a delivery site, the delivery automatically “registers” so you get credit for it with coins. Your goal is to keep collecting as many coins as you possible can, because you will need those to purchase to upgrades or to make fun upgrades. You can choose your player and hat, but what is most valuable is being able to purchase Power Headwear. These provide benefits like Instant Noodles and Speed Boosts.

Moving up in levels will require upgrades to your transport and to you, so you don’t get knocked down and out of a game so easily, and believe me, you will start to see things that will get in your way as the game progresses to more challenging heights.

I would like to see some improvements on the sensitivity of swiping. I found myself having to swipe several times on a few occasions to get my motorbike to turn, which meant I missed my delivery and had to turn back to get to it.

Overall, however, Noodles Now provides a great deal of entertainment for anyone who likes games with fast-paced action that tests your reaction time. I highly recommend Noodles Now: Mars Needs Noodles if you want to add to your entertainment app stash.

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