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Modern life can get hectic. We all have things to do, places to go, people to meet. Sometimes it can get overwhelming. That’s when a good organizer can help. Most of us can’t afford a personal assistant, but what we can afford is an app that puts things in perspective and lays out our plan so we can execute.

Coosha is that app. Free to download, it comes equipped with full functionality that simplifies your life. All you have to do is download and start using it. The power behind Coosha is that you can schedule all aspects of your life and see them all at once, so one does not trample over another.  Think party this Friday night that starts early, so you’ll have to bow out of that late afternoon staff meeting.

Another example is how we keep our personal events on one calendar and the work stuff elsewhere. Well, this can only lead to disaster, because you might agree to meet with a colleague on the Wednesday of the week you are actually on vacation. With Coosha, you would see this and not overbook.

This overbooking prevention can extend to family. You can have all your family members all download Coosha, so everyone’s lives are synced, and you all know who has what, when. The sharing can also be controlled, so you can set what others can see and what they should not.

The layout of the app is clean, which is an essential feature because your life is already filled to the gills and the last you need is a complicated system to for finding things. To top it off, you can import your current calendar into Coosha so you can be off and running in no time.

The only restriction to Coosha is that everyone you need to coordinate with must also have Coosha downloaded. But that just makes it easier to setup connectivity and visibility with others. You can create your own personal calendars, like one for Personal, Work, and Family. Then you can create Group calendars that several invited users can use and see.

The app allows you to view your schedules in three layouts: day, week and month. This gives you access from super detailed to a bird’s eye view of your life. You can also work on it offline and it will sync up once you have network connectivity.

Not much is lacking in this app. I loved the look, usability and functions. I found that I was planning better, getting to meetings on time, and getting things done without stress. I would like to see a feature that allows me to print out my daily schedule directly from the app.

Until then, Coosha is my partner in crime to getting what I need done without worrying about missing something else. It lets me keep control over my life.

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