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Press Your Luck with Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash

Bingo Bash is a unique android app game that is popular the world over. It enables users to join millions of players globally in the quest to make big wins and features over 350 levels and more than 50 ways of game-play. New rooms are added for every two-week time-period.

The gaming app enjoys great play in the US and gives you opportunity of winning good bonuses via Wheel of Fortune Spin. You can then go on to win a Minigame while walking on the renowned Wheel of Fortune stage. Get to unlock exciting bingo rooms such as Purrfect crime, Wild West and Pot of Gold. You can both play and chat in real time with friends while enjoying the various bingo games which Bingo Bash brings. This app enables you find collectibles and gems to get chips and make great wins.

Wonder rooms gives you power of flying around the globe. You get to enjoy swimming within the Great Barrier Reef as well. It includes battling gladiators in the coliseum and scaling the Great Wall of China. In addition, you get to experience high-stakes fun on hitting the Vegas strip. Seasonal rooms include Zombie Bash and Thanksgiving room along with other engaging and fun-filled game-play activities.

Users of Bingo Bash have to enter one of the over 50 wonder and special rooms available. Next is picking the bingo cards before commencing with play. You then may daub the numbers which are called out then score bingos in a total of 13 different ways to make big wins. To have a chance of winning goodies, just complete collection of your items. Get to unlock newer levels along with cool new rooms too.

The Bingo Bash game affords players the chance to unlock exciting new rooms within each two-week period. This is apart from interacting with millions of game-play enthusiasts as you enjoy both real-time and multiplayer action. It becomes possible both playing and chatting with friends while teaming up to explore special bonuses too when using this android app. Different surprise gifts and huge power-ups also await you.

At present, the size of this gaming app varies with the device which the user employs for gaming. It can perform installs ranging in-between 10,000,000 and 50,000,000. In order to experience game-play however, your gadget needs to be installed with Android 2.3 version or upwards. Bingo Bash can be enjoyed by a vast number of enthusiasts as its content is rated for Low Maturity users. Using Bingo Bash tends to slow down phone performance for low-end devices owing to the heavy requirements.

Overall, this game is riveting game that offers players the flexibility of online multi-player gaming. It scores highly for the audible voice input along with great background music utilized. Bingo Bash forms part of games produced by GSN. It offers special treats via the Wheel of Fortune Bingo gaming platform and is a partnership between the #1 Game show and #1 Bingo in America.

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