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Run and Jump to Save Humanity in a Plant Chasing Sprint Hero Game

Sprint Hero screenshot

Running games keep you on your toes and entertain young and old alike. You get them in all sorts of shapes and sizes and in all types of venues. What I have never seen before is a game where the plants have morphed into such an advanced state that they fail to allow their fruit to fall and provide future nourishment for all of prosperity.

Yes, into the future we soar where we are surrounded by plants whose fruit never touches the earth or the mouths of animals who may devour and deliver precious seeds back into the earth. Instead, the plants now hold on to their produce. Your job is to become the Hero, somewhat like a Ninja, and travel the ends of the earth to find and slice the fruit off trees that have bounties to share.

The task is not an easy one. You must run and jump and land without falling. The game is never overwhelmingly hard to master, but you have to put some effort forth to get to the plants and reach the fruit.

The graphics are crisp and interesting and almost cartoon like. How do you get your ninja to run and jump and land in just the right spot to slash the fruit? Easy, you keep your fingertip on the location from which you want her to jump. Just as you tap the running ramp, she will start to run, then when you lift your finger, she will soar and hopefully reach the fruit tree, slashing away and cutting off the pieces.

If you time a jump just right, you can score bigger points if you spot a blue fruit. As the game progresses, there are bigger fruit to slash and plant. What is really cool about this game is that it never gets boring, everyone gets a new challenge every week.

You must be careful to lift your finger at just the right time, because lift too early and your ninja will fall in the gap between the running ramp and where the tree stands. Lift too late and she will fall past the tree. In either case, you simply restart and try again. No loss of life.

What would be nice is to expand the fun to a multiplayer version or just sharing with friends. Hopefully in an up and coming update.

Until then, I would certainly recommend downloading Sprint Hero for anyone looking for some simple entertainment that’s easy to learn and a kick to play.

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