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SalesVu POS App Makes the Sales Process Go Smoother

SalesVu POS app

The key to a strong business is great customer service. It’s the buzzword in business today – customer experience. One way to make the customer’s experience exceptional is by making it easier for customers to order what they want, just the way they want it, quickly and easily. With technology, this can be a snap.

Enter SalesVu POS. It runs on iPhones, iPads and kiosks and makes taking orders and checking customer out easy. All sorts of small and medium-sized businesses can use it. It has features that are needed in retail, restaurants, breweries, bars, spas, salons, wellness and fitness clubs and for professional services. The technology is powerful, and the app is easy to use, making it a good fit for all.

Built for multiple configurations, SalesVu comes packed with the option to selected from an endless list of products and services. It allows businesses to choose from any tax bracket that applies to them, so it works across all states and services. Cash management and deposit tracking allows for transparent oversight on the finance side of the business.

On the order processing and check-out side, the app also provides businesses with a free credit card reader and competitive processing fees, so that is one less item business owners need to worry about. Orders and checks can be split by tender type, providing large parties with more flexible payment options that are also easy on the business owner.

For running the business, SalesVu POS provides a reliable inventory tracking system that sends out alerts when items are running low and need reorders. Vendors can also be managed in the app, too, keeping it all in one place.

Employees and customers experiences can both be monitored. For employees, there is an area of the app that supports employee scheduling, management of clock in and clock out and the ability for employees to trade shifts easily. Customer experience is managed through historical data, allowing for targeted marketing through social media and through emails.

The interfaces in the app are intuitive, allowing users to focus on their business. Setup what you need in the app and start using it quickly. SalesVu provides various features on a modular basis, so you can sign up for what you need, which mean you only pay for what you know you are going to use. If you feel like trying out a feature, give it shot. You can always turn it off if you find you don’t need it. Individual functions can be purchases for about $10 to $25 per month for each location. Functions can also be purchases at a discount using their bundle options.

I don’t think SalesVu can get any better. It has just about everything a business owner could want. I think the description of the app on the App Store should include information about pricing for each function and about each type of bundle, so business owners know their options before downloading.

In all, SalesVu POS is a scalable and affordable app that can provide benefits to small and medium businesses in almost every aspect of their business – from marketing to selling, from order management to internal process management. It’s definitely worth a try if you are looking to improve how you run your business.

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