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Scalar Calculator Pro Makes It Easy to Perform Complex Calculations on Your Device

Nothing is better than an app that is useful. Sure, you can have lots of apps that entertain, inform and more, but for those of you who are more technical and need a powerhouse calculator to get things done, an app like Scalar Pro should be on your shortlist of downloads.

Scalar Pro is a calculator app that brings together much of the functionality you would find in a scientific calculator and makes it readily available on your Android device. The app costs just $5.99 and is available on Google Play.

The main three functions it provides is: Standard and Scientific Calculator, Scripting, and Graphing. The calculator function is easy to get to and use, as it should be. You can perform all of the simple calculations you normally would perform on a regular calculator, plus you have several scientific functions too. The keyboard is color mapped for easy detection of the different types of functions and an area of the keyboard slides left/right to expose all of the keys – an expanded keyboard if you will.

If you are looking to script some programs, you can do so using the scripting area of the app. The scripting language is specific to the app, but follows most mathematical norms. If need assistance, there are help pages in the Onboarding area of the app that present a typical screen in the app, each element, and a definition of each and how it is used.

Once you get used to scripting and have created a few functions you’d like to graph, head over to the graphing area of the app. Simply enter functions or choose built in ones and watch them render. The fun part here is the ability to color code graphs that are comprised of more than one function, so that when you hover over parts of the graph, the function with represents it will show in a small pop up along with the input values. Graphs can be stretched, zoomed in, zoomed out, and moved.

On a more administrative and customization angle, the app allows you to choose different types of functions you’d like access to in Settings. You can also set Privacy controls to suit your needs. When things go wrong with a calculation or graph, the app provides error messages in the Message Log, so you can see what is wrong and maybe even get a hint on how to fix it.

I really couldn’t see anything missing in terms of functionality in Scalar Calculator  Pro. Since the app creates really cool graphs, it would be nice if it had the ability send the graph to a printer.

Scalar Pro provides a great deal of processing power to crunch numbers quickly and show you the results clearly.

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