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Scandy Pro Makes 3D Scanning Available to All

Got no 3D scanner? No problem, as long as you have an iPhone X, XS, XS Max or XR. Scandy Pro may not be available on older versions of iPhone, but that’s because it requires the technology found in the cameras built into the X and newer. What’s important to remember is that now, 3D scanning is on a device that you usually have on you, eliminating the need to lug around a separate apparatus to perform 3D scans.

What does that mean?

You can be on vacation, see something spectacular that you want to capture and 3D, and now you can. You could be goofing around with your dog and you want to send your mom a 3D pic of some funny face your do made. With Scandy Pro, you can.

A simple download and minimal setup are involved. Once you have the app, all you do is open it up and pick our subject. Scandy Pro is able to produce full 3D color scans that you can then edit, crop, save and share. The app also provides users with one free mesh save per week, so there’s no need to back up to the cloud.

Other options for file manipulations include being able to upload scans to Sketchfab and using its services. If you don’t have an iPhone X or newer, then Scandy Pro allows you to preview scans. If you have AR on your phone, you can drop scans here and use AR to mark points on your mesh to make measurements and do more precise edits to your mesh. Each save to you iPhone is $0.99.

If saving one mesh per week is not enough, I highly recommend signing up for one of three available subscriptions, which are auto renewable. Using Scandy Pro as it comes is probably a good way to start. Once you’ve determined that you need more functionality, then I would choose a subscription.

The latest revision of Scandy Pro offers a v2 scan mode with increases the file size, but it enables “unbounded” scanning, so images are smoother and cleaner.

I do have to say that it’s a bit frustrating to have to pay to save images you have taken, especially when you have already paid for the app. It may be wiser to charge a bit more for the app to get more users and do away with subscriptions.

Scandy Pro is quite the game changer in the 3D scanning space, because it packages the power of professional scanning in an app that you normally have with you. It means the ability to take 3D scans without having to plan for it.

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