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Secret Photo Album Offers Peace of Mind

Secret Photo Album app

Can you keep a secret? I am not talking about a relaxing getaway where you can enjoy body treatments and a Zen-like atmosphere. I am referring to a new app that shares the acronym SPA. If that sounds convoluted, it’s probably no accident. The developer of this app maintains a vision of mystery and intrigue that is unique to Secret Photo Album.

In the digital communication and engagement age, which has been further emphasized by practices of isolation due to a global pandemic, maintaining one’s discretion is of utmost importance.  

As mainstream platforms of technology continue to experience breaches of privacy (remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal?), concerns over the security of our personal information have risen. Even the popular videoconferencing software Zoom was recently in the hot seat regarding the collection of personal data and the failure to keep online meetings secure from outside interference.  

As a society, we have learned to accept that if you engage in an online space, the chances are that you will be subject to ruptures of your security. And now, with 2.87 billion Smartphone users globally, this concern has been heightened exponentially. Let’s examine the ways in which the Secret Phone Album App attempts to tackle this issue.

 This well-kept secret starts with a clever app design. Upon downloading the free version, I had trouble locating where the app was on my phone. It took me a moment to realize that the tiny calculator design was actually the app itself. There was nothing in the pattern that suggested this app had anything to do with photos, let alone the other features it provides. 

Going a step further, a passcode is then required to open the app; every time.  While this may be a minor nuisance to the user, it does provide peace of mind if someone was to pick up your phone (and was able to determine that the app icon was actually photo album). 

Like similar photo album apps, Secret Photo Album makes it easy to add photos from your camera roll. But unlike its predecessors, Secret Photo Album then offers a prompt to delete the requested image from your phone while storing it incognito within the album.

In addition, there is a tiny exclamation icon in the top right corner with a reassuring message: “All personal data are securely stored on your phone. We do not keep a copy on any cloud server.” This feature might not be great if you delete the app (as there is no way to recover lost data), but it does provide peace of mind if you are concerned about photos or contacts being stored to a cloud.

In addition to storing photos, Secret Photo Album is a great place to store contacts, passwords, videos, and notes. Your information becomes more secure with the best encryption, and it also saves you on phone space.

Unfortunately, the free version does not give access to the cool qualities that really set this app apart. But if with an affordable, premium plan, Secret Photo Album will unlock such highlights as the ability to create a fake account (which is kind of creepy but still fascinating!), unlimited photo and video storage, premium app icons, and a Facedown Lock feature. 

Secret Photo Album is an easy-to-use app that would appeal to social users. If you want to keep your information private, it offers unique security measures. However, if you are concerned about needing to recover images, contacts, or notes, it may not be the best option because of the lack of cloud storage. But don’t worry, that can be our little secret. 

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