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Secure Your Phone from All Online Frauds with MyCyberHome Security & Privacy App


If you are someone who switches from mobile data to a free Wi-Fi hotspot the moment your smartphone discovers one, then your personal information is at grave risk. You might fall prey to network spoofing, where hackers set up fake access points that mimic free Wi-Fi in high-traffic public areas. To access the free internet, you generally need to create an account and enter the e-mail id & password that you use for multiple services. By doing so, you are compromising all secure information that can be accessed through your e-mail, indirectly to hackers. To prevent any such mishaps, a cybersecurity app will come to your rescue.

MyCyberHome Security & Privacy is an All-in-one mobile protection iOS app developed by MyCyberHome Pte Ltd. The app will help you to

You can either continue with the free version or choose to pay a modest monthly/yearly subscription. Post choosing, you will be taken to the app’s homepage that updates you on cybersecurity news from around the world. 

By giving location access, the app detects and analyzes your Wi-Fi for potential threats and vulnerabilities. And when you set the location access to always, the app detects all Wi-Fi changes in the background and ensures safety.

When you own a handheld device, there are specific basic settings required to keep your device safe. It includes setting a passcode (6 digit codes are almost impossible to crack), configuring touch id for increased safety, disabling “Tracking” to prevent apps and advertisers from tracking you online, and finally, keeping your device up-to-date. 

Jailbreaking your phone to install unofficial third-party apps, and customize the look and feel of your iPhone, increases the chances of being hacked. By doing so, your phone might become unstable, disabled, and eventually end up as a very costly paperweight.

Click on Emails appearing on the bottom of the app’s home page, then click on the add button to create a new e-mail address of your choice. Similarly, you can create multiple e-mail aliases with the same or different domains that deliver to your primary mailbox, keeping your virtual identity safe. 

MyCyberHome Security & Privacy’s premium features include 24/7 monitoring wherein you receive alerts if your mail-id appears in data leaks. The app detects compromised passwords, gives you access to unlimited private e-mail aliases and passwords while setting them to expire automatically. If you choose to pay a yearly subscription, not only do you save 30% of the total cost but also share your subscription with your loved ones (up to 5 family members).

Compared to the free version of the app, though the premium version offers additional benefits 24/7, you wouldn’t mind subscribing once you identify how useful the app is. Download MyCyberHome Security & Privacy now for a safer digital life.

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