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Selfie Games app

Selfies are everywhere. It’s how you share what you are up to – in the moment. It’s how you outdo your friends. It’s the way to communicate. If you are looking to use those selfies to get even more fun out of them and you’ve been in search of a new game to play with family and friends that pulls everyone in and keeps them asking for more, you have to download Selfie Games now!

Selfie Games can be played by up to 10 participants and it displays on your TV. To get the app to display on your TV, you can use Chromecast, Fire TV and talks directly to smart TVs. You can also play the game on tablets, computer screens and on XBox One.

On to more fun details. The app has a variety of games to play that start with a selfie. The first one that’s available is Sketchies. Note, that while the app is free to download, at least one player needs to make the in-app purchase to unlock Sketchies. Once that’s done, then all remaining players can get in on the fun.

Sketchies is a game in which one person takes a selfie and it gets shared amongst the players. The original selfie and doodle that goes with is meant to describe the prompt that Sketchies throws out. The main player makes their drawing, provides a caption, and that becomes the “answer key”, if you will. Each player then doodles around the same selfie and comes up with a catchy caption, trying to get as close as they can to the correct answer to the prompt. The winner is the one who guesses the originator’s caption first. The answer pops up on the big screen for all to share and enjoy.

The doodling and the caption creation stirs brain waves and invokes a lot of interesting perceptions of what the prompt is looking for and how each player understands it to mean. The point of the game is to make each doodle and caption as funny as you can make it, so fun is had by all.

Players join up easily by either pulling up on their device or by downloading the app. Then, all they need is a 6 digit code that the main player provides.

If there’s anything that’s missing in the game, it would be a few more games, which I am sure the developers are working on right now.  I have not tried it, but it would be even more fun to make it so friends and family who are remote can get in on the fun, as well. Not sure how they’d share the screen, but I leave that to the creators of Selfie Games.

Until then, there are plenty of hours of enjoyment already available in Selfie Games to keep party goers and family nights buzzing with laughter and good times.

This game is also available on other platforms: Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Windows and Xbox One, iPad and Mac

Post was sponsored by Buzzito LLC, makers of Selfie Games

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