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ShazzleChat Messaging App Offers Privacy

ShazzleChat app

Wouldn’t you like to have your own private network where you can invite your friends and chat? Or maybe create a group where whatever you send and receive cannot be hacked by the outside world? Wouldn’t it be cool to have an encrypted protected private line, much like the US President? You can avail all of those features by simply downloading the ShazzleChat app available on the Google Play Store!

There are hardly any apps available that are truly secure and private, though there are millions of them that claim to be. Any app that uses a server to store your data, temporarily or permanently, is not 100% secure. This is because your data can be used by any one who has access to the server, even though such app developers may claim that your data is deleted after a certain duration of time. Why take the risk? Simply download the ShazzleChat app from the Play Store, ask your friends or family members to install it in their smartphones as well and each of you need to put the other in their contact list.

Once that’s done, all you need to do is text or send media files, no matter how large they are. Whatever you send and receive from each other is completely protected from the outside world, and nobody can access them. This is because unlike most apps, ShazzleChat does not use an intermediate server to establish a communication. Rather it uses peer to peer communication network over a secured channel, which means that no third person can access what you might be sending or receiving. The downside however, is that both parties of communication must have the app installed and add each other as contacts.

The user interface is fairly simplistic, although if one would have any complaints, is the lack of dark mode. Maybe this is something the developers can work on the future update releases. Once you add each other as contacts, you need to perform an SMS verification when you first register yourselves on the app. You can also enable or disable your last seen online, much like how you do in other platforms such as WhatsApp and Viber. The best thing about this app is the unlimited size of files you can send across this secure channel, which means all your private moments that you want to share with someone, remain private. Unlike sharing photos in Instagram which can be hacked, there is no way for anyone to access any files except you and the receiver. Also, you can customize your own notification tones.

This kind of technology makes sure that there can never be any sort of data mining, which can undermine your privacy. It also protects you from other illegal activities such as data discovery and aggregation. The basic philosophy behind ShazzleChat is simple: one should not have to trade their privacy for comfort, since privacy is the most basic and important of all freedom. However, since there is no central server, both the parties have to remain online throughout the entire duration of the chat, because there is no place for undelivered chats to be saved (so that they can be delivered later once the user comes online).

And if you want to know more about the technology they employ to protect your data, you can easily look at their patent filings in Google. It is easily the best app available for you to download to protect your privacy.

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