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Sixth Extinction – The Best Mind Stimulating Puzzle Game

Sixth Extinction

Mind stimulating games are one of the best games that have survived through history. Chess, Checkers, and Puzzles. These games have been known to help people exercise their minds and this way, help their minds function better. The best part of mind simulating games is they can apply to real-life situations and they will help you make better choices. Take chess, for example, it was used by ancient warlords to strategize before going to wars. Anyway, today I am going to introduce you to a mind-blowing puzzle game that sparks your imagination and sends awesome chills down your spine.

Sixth Extinction is a dark and atmospheric indie art game for problem solvers. It is a dark narrative-experience about extinction and discovering the true nature of yourself. It’s up to you to figure out if you can outwit the obstacles in your way, uncover the truth, and begin a change. This game is quite easy to play all you have to do, is move from one end of a paw to another. Here is how it works. There are different levels in the game but they are all hidden. As you progress past each level, you unlock a totally new level and the story gets darker and darker that it even involves aliens, extinctions, and population growth.

At each level, you are to move your black paw to the orange paw but, it isn’t that easy. As a pass each tile, it disappears which means you can’t go back so if you are stuck with no tiles to turn to, it’s game over for you and you have to play the level again. This is what makes it a great mind-stimulating game, before moving onto any tiles, you have to think ahead and be certain that the tiles you will take, will lead you to the end of the road. As you advance, you notice it isn’t just tiles on your way, but grass and circles, and in order to go through you must land on a certain tile to clear them. So how do you go through it? How do you reach the end? Can you beat the game in its own maze?

Not only does Sixth Extinction have very engaging gameplay, but it also has some amazing features which I will also tell you about. Now this game also has some pretty stories to tell. It conveys some heavy themes of extinction, revenge, and violence. An adult audience is recommended. Once you are focused on uncovering the puzzles obstacles in your way, only then will you discover the game’s deep message. Don’t get me started on the game’s graphics. According to the developers, the hand-drawn visuals and the poetic narration were all made with love and every moment has been crafted to enhance your enjoyment. The voice acting was equally impeccable and it just makes you eager to hear the story.

In all, the story is nice, the puzzles are challenging even at an early level it keeps you hooked on the game. Head on to your App Store or Play Store to get this great app.

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