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SniperSight – Put the Power of Better Eyesight in Your Hands

SniperSight app

Literally! With an app, you can turn things around with your eyesight. It’s all about use your eyes in the right way and by exercising the muscles that control them. You’ve heard the phrase “use it or lose it”; well, it applies to just about anything, include your eyes and what’s needed to make them work.

So, the app I’m talking about is called SniperSight. From the get go, you might think this app is some sort of sniper shooting game, at least that’s what I thought. After reading up on it, I realized this app was a great deal more important. We all need our eyesight to function. As we age, eyesight naturally deteriorates, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can do things to help preserve eye health, and keep your eyesight going strong for years to come.

That is what the Bates method is all about. Dr. Horatio Bates did research on common ailments of the eye and designed sets of exercises for each type of ailment to help undo the effects or even prevent them. We all take our eyes for granted, thinking they are being exercised because they are being used every day. Well, there are things that we should be doing that we don’t anymore, either because of technology or our environment. We tend not to move our eyes around as much, or focus on things that are at varying distances. These all have an impact on our eyes and what they are required to do, what muscles they use.

SniperSight provides a list of common eye ailments along with a description of each and what symptoms you may see. With each ailment it also provides techniques to lessen the symptoms and maybe even heal the ailment completely. There are no guarantees, but these exercises may help provide some small improvements.

I keep talking about eye ailments and it would be nice to know what the app helps out with, so here’s a list of some of the commonly known conditions people need glasses for:

The list is not exhaustive, and you’ll see more in the app.

When you first download the SniperSight, you’ll see the Home screen. From here, click on the Better Eye Health button to see the full list. For each condition, you can read up on what it is, what happens to the eye and your eyesight if you have it, and from there you can view the Bates techniques that can be used to help strengthen your eye based on this particular issue.

These exercises are provided in such a way as to be followed in a particular order, as well. The description of each exercise is also well worded and easy to understand.

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