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Social Marketing SeoSamba – An All-in-One Social Media Posting App


Managing multiple social media pages for your business can be a challenging and tedious process, but in today’s media driven marketing world, it can play an essential role in your business’s success. Luckily, there’s an app designed specifically to help you market yourself across various social media platforms, extending your reach and audience. Social Marketing SeoSamba is a free app, downloadable from the App Store or Google Play, that will assist you in establishing or enhancing your online presence.

Social Marketing SeoSamba connects to your social media accounts and allows you to post on multiple platforms all at once from the SeoSamba app. This means there’s no longer a need to copy and paste your post from one platform to another. The app also allows for your posts to include multimedia attachments, tags, and links. For multi-location/franchise businesses, this can mean a lot of time saved, not spent coordinating and timing your postings.

The platforms supported by the app are Google My Business pages, LinkedIn profiles/pages, Twitter profiles, and Facebook pages/groups. You can designate any number of profiles/pages that you belong to for automatic postings, as well. In addition to synchronized postings, you can also schedule future postings for whatever time and platforms you see fit. Set it and forget it!

The Social Marketing SeoSamba app comes from the company SeoSamba, which specializes in professional business marketing automation. Through their desktop website they assist clients with a wide variety of marketing tasks such as social media review management, web analytics, search rankings, automated SEO, social reputation monitoring, and more. This means that the Social Marketing app is only the first step of many that can be taken with SeoSamba towards automated marketing.

SeoSamba also developed the app called SeoSamba Mobile CRM, standing for Customer Relationship Management. This is a service that is offered through their desktop site as well as on-the-go with their mobile app. All of this varied functionality from SeoSamba exhibits their diverse marketing model and equips you with all the necessary tools for your business’s social marketing.

Although Social Marketing SeoSamba provides you a way to connect and post from multiple social media platforms all at once, the app is a bit simplistic with the amount of features it offers. That being said, SeoSamba provides a wide-variety of other services through their site and SeoSamba Mobile CRM app, so it’s easy to meet all your marketing needs with a combination of their resources.

Social Marketing SeoSamba seems like a promising app that will help the ever-busy business owner market themselves through social media in an efficient way. The ability to post on all your platforms and profiles/pages at the same time is extremely valuable, especially if you have numerous locations. The multimedia and tagging support is definitely a useful inclusion to help the posts be seen by a larger audience. The post scheduling seems to be the best function of all because it can help the user plan out their busy week with one less thing to worry about.

Social media marketing is one of the most important strategies a business needs to account for in a modern corporate landscape; SeoSamba takes that task and simplifies it for you. If you want to increase your audience size and engagement, the Social Marketing SeoSamba app is definitely a great place to start.

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