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Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy – Highly Addictive Boss Fight Star Shooting Game

Shace Shooter Alien vs Alien app

Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy is the latest addition to the list of space shooting games available for Android devices, that will surely send you to an action-packed trip across the universe. At the same time, it is a boss fight game where you have to fight against tough bosses to cross the level and move onto the next stage. Sounds intriguing yet? Read on to find out what makes this game so popular and addictive. And while you are at it, head over to the Play Store and download Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy for free to unlock all the fun waiting for you. 

All of time and space. Everywhere and anywhere. Every star that ever was. Where do You want to start?

– Doctor Who

Let us begin with a general overview. The gameplay and the controls are extraordinarily simple: to navigate the spaceship, all you have to do is swipe the screen with one finger. Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy has an interesting storyline that would evoke immense interest in you before you hit the play button, and it goes like this: while on an exploration mission, you were ambushed by the aliens, who are now holding you in a cell on a Martian base. One fine day, you manage to escape when the aliens were a little distracted but were discovered soon after. Your mission is to evade those aliens and try to escape their base. The aliens, on their part, would work every trick to prevent you from escaping. It is certainly a highly addictive game and filled with infinite challenges. 

Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy deserves praise for its user-friendliness and ease of learning. Unlike so many other games that come with a list of FAQs and manuals, you don’t need any aid to learn the game. The simplicity is outstanding. When it comes to graphics, the game reminds me of classic arcade games that we all played while growing up. Enter nostalgia! Apart from being an engaging game, it offers a little trip down the memory lane to those early days of videogames. The electronic space music playing in the background magnifies this feeling of adventure in a nostalgic realm. The ingenuous gameplay is equally wistful. You just have to dodge the enemies shooting at you and fire bullets at them to neutralize. There is another feature wherein you can play without having bullets in your spacecraft, which makes it all the more challenging. Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy is one of those small games that you keep going back to whenever you need a glimpse of uncomplicated reality. Despite all of this, I couldn’t help but notice a few areas that require improvement. After playing for a while, the game started to feel a little monotonous. Probably adding a few additional features like different aircraft, weapons, and so on, would go a long way. The graphics could also do with some improvement, which doesn’t necessarily mean losing that classic feel, but only refinements. I am sure future updates of the game will take care of these issues.

The bottom line: Space Shooter Alien vs Galaxy is an intense action-filled game, potentially addictive, and super challenging. Calling it one of the best space shooting games would not be an overstatement. Although the game requires some enhancements, it is still a lot of fun to play and will take you to the days of yore. 

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