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Swipe Away Your Boredom with HappySwiper Game

HappySwiper app

Puzzle games are a great family time activity or a solo time pass. Each and every puzzle game, irrespective of the nature of play, aids in powering up our brain. They have traveled a long way from the ancient forms to the ones in our digital age. Do you know, Bible has mentions of Riddles, puzzle jugs were most common in Cyprus in 1700 BCE, and around 700 BCE, magic squares were a hit among the Chinese? The types of puzzles are almost endless, and they are astonishingly helpful for kids in the development of their cognitive brain skills.

Do you know, by playing a puzzle game we can give our brain a real mental workout? For instance, while playing a jigsaw puzzle, we tend to remember the shape, size, color of the pieces and visualize where they fit in the big picture, resulting in the improvement of our short-term memory skills. One other important benefit of playing a puzzle game is the increase in production of Dopamine, the feel-good hormone, that fixes a bad mood, boosts our memory and concentration. When we are too stressed, playing a puzzle game makes us think only of the possible ways to clear a level, taking our minds off the stress. This encourages our brain to enter a meditative state.

HappySwiper by Boeve Automatisering is one such puzzle game that is too simple but addictive. The game does not ask for your personal details to sign up. All you have to do is download the game from the play store and install it to enjoy the gameplay, no registration is required. As soon as you click the home screen to start playing, you will see a 3*3 grid with all Happy Faces, smiling right back at you. The peppy background music you hear once you open the app gears you all up for an enthralling round of the game. Click on the shuffle button to shuffle the grid.

Once you shuffle, you will see few happy faces replaced by pictures of fruits. Now, all you have to do is to keep swiping rows and columns until all squares in the grid have Happy Faces. Though the gameplay might sound too simple, you will find the game challenging when you try to bring back the happy faces. Levels 1 and 2 are pretty simple and straightforward. While you progress up the game levels, the difficulty increases with the progressive increase in the grid size.

Thereon, every swipe has to be planned strategically to clear subsequent levels. Else, you will end up swiping tiles aimlessly. The current version of HappySwiper has 2 free levels. Once you clear the initial 2 game levels, you will be more than happy to purchase the Pro Levels. You can also turn the music and sounds on/off in the settings if it hinders the gameplay.

Download the app to enjoy the ad-free gaming experience now. Happy Swiping!!

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