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Systematize Your Daily Activities with FileCalendar

FileCalendar app

Our daily activities have become increasingly complex over the years. Multi-tasking is a sine qua non if one has to survive the cut-throat competition of the 21st century. But doing so with our limited cognitive faculties leads not only to decreased work productivity but also to declining health prospects. A planning tool like FileCalendar can give you the much-needed respite in your race to the top. You can download it for free as a lite version from the App Store, and it is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later. As the name suggests, this app is a perfect cross between a file manager and a calendar that allows you to perform several functions like those detailed below. Should you like the lite version, you can get the premium variant for just $1.99

Let us now explore what this simple yet highly efficient tool can do for you.

  1. Include an attachment for a meeting: An organization ought to have a vision, mission, and production planning. On the off chance that you need to join a record for a meeting in which you welcome different associates or accomplices, this simple capacity will be extremely useful. 
  2.  Send invitations straight from the event creations: This helps rearrange the correspondence identified with an occasion. You can share your events and contents with friends, family, or colleagues.
  3. Find an hour for your gathering: For instance, if you need to check your calendar accessibility for a gathering, you can select the ‘Discover a Period’ option. Along these lines, you can also check whether to include your gathering in specific stretches, contrasting, and different occasions. 
  4. Upload File to Cloud: It allows you to upload files to cloud storage to be saved and retrieved later. 
  5. Built-in camera: It allows you to capture moments you can’t easily pen down using its camera feature. You can then attach these pictures to an event on the calendar.
  6. Dark mode: This allows you to protect your eyes from the brightness of the screen. It allows you to use the app in a dark mode without fear of the brightness disturbing your eyes.
  7. Easy-to-use search functions: With FileCalendar you have three amazing approaches to search your calendar– FileCalendar built-in search function, the search function of your program, and FileCalendar built-in filters. Supposing you have just entered a catchphrase, click on the search symbol to open the search window alongside the search results. You can see the subtleties of the event in search results, without opening the individual events. Look for the ‘Details’ checkbox in the search exchange. Check it to see event details shown in the search results. The principal search strategy is the calendar’s built-in search box. You’ll see it in the upper right of your calendar. Note that you can utilize search operators to set increasingly explicit search results. Of course, the beginning date is half a year previously and the end date is half a year later for the calendars worked in the search box. You can modify these beginning and end dates. Select the beginning date or end date field to open the date picker and select the date run you wish to search for. Touch the tab to one side of ‘Today’ to set the date range for the previous one year; click the bolt to the privilege of ‘Today’ to set the date range for the future one year. You can utilize FileCalendar worked with filters to channel events by watchwords, sub-calendar, or custom event field substance. You can also use filters in the mix. Discover the filters on the left control board of your calendar, underneath the rundown of sub-calendars.
  8. Other intriguing features: The app is colourful without being kitsch or tacky, and it’s anything but difficult to use without giving up authority over your events/occasion details. On an iPhone, the menu bar in the app lets you quickly include an occasion or see what’s in your plan in the coming days. Adding subtleties to your occasions, such as notes, URLs, invitees, and areas, feels brisk and smooth.

These are just a few functions of FileCalendar that assist me in systematizing my activities. You can discover more features by downloading the FileCalendar app right now! 

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