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The 6 Best Android Apps For Intertainment You Should Install

equalizer app

Almost all users of modern smartphones use various applications. With the help of applications, you can find out the weather, get directions, order food, and even book vacations. However, not all applications are of high quality. In this article, we will look at the top 6 best apps for Android smartphones that you should definitely install.


It is an application that allows you to keep track of the biggest games and tournaments, thanks to the round-the-clock broadcast in various modes.

In the application, you will find not only streams of gamers. There are also music channels, and channels for knitting, caring for plants, or just about everyday life.

For the convenience of users, the application was created in two different versions: stationary and mobile models. The main advantages of using:

In addition, all users are given the opportunity to connect to additional options, such as Twitch Prime. This option allows you to download games absolutely free.


The app has taken the internet by storm thanks to its funny masks and unusual effects. Here you can not only chat and share highlights but also play online games, see on the map where your friends are now and how they are doing, and see stories shot nearby.

The camera is the centerpiece of the app, and here you can take photos and videos to send to your contacts or add to your story.

GeForce Now

A platform that allows you to play heavy PC games on your smartphone – even if they are not adapted for Android. All data is processed in the cloud, and a ready-made video stream is sent to you. Thus, for cool gaming, you only need a fast and stable Internet connection.

Equalizer Music Player Booster

The equalizer will improve the sound quality so that you can enjoy listening to music or audio tracks in movies. You can also set up a special sound ambiance to immerse yourself in your favorite mobile game and notice every move of an enemy or monster.

The equalizer icon in the notification bar provides quick access to sound settings. The program can turn itself on when headphones are connected or the device is started, depending on the selected settings. But after turning it off, it does not remember the last active profile and changes it to the standard one.

The advantages of Equalizer – Bass Boost include beautiful changeable themes, but most of them are available after making a payment. You can also create more than one music profile and increase the maximum volume only in the paid version, which is also devoid of ads.


This application uses artificial intelligence technology and an extensive library to recognize any tune. “Shazam” the tracks that you liked – they will be saved in history, and you can listen to them at any time.

Shazam works like this:

You can turn on Auto Shazam to have the Shazam app automatically detect the music that is playing around you.


One of the best e-book readers. In it, you can adjust the comfortable design and brightness of the screen, and even the pages will rustle when scrolling. Supports many formats, dictionaries, and profiles for day and night.

There are many more applications for music detection, reading, or virtual games. But if you want to experience real emotions – register on the site and get Cookie Casino login. In addition to the variety of games, you can also find other entertainment.

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