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The Fat Penguin – Guess What They’re Thinking

There’s a new app in town that tests your brain on how well you know your friends; or at least, how well you know how they would respond to a question. The Fat Penguin hails from Denmark, from where it has caused quite a stir with its sometimes awkward and touchy questions. Please be advised this game is just for adults – 17 years and older. You can try to bypass the risqué questions if you like, but if you are with the right set of friends, the heart of this game is being able to guess how you think your friends are going to react to and respond to these types of questions, no matter what type of inquiry.

The app is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is optimized for iOS 5 and is played amongst friends, face to face. Everyone can be on a device and playing it, or you can have it running on just one device, passing it around as each player takes their turn being the inquisitor.

The Fat Penguin basically has the player who is it ask a question. This question is served up from the app, from different categories. These questions can range from asking about if you would rather win $1,000 yourself, or have your friend win $10,000; to a question that asks how often you have sex. Mind you, it’s probably best not to whip this thing out at a family function. Once the person who is it asks the question, out loud, all other players must answer by selecting either a red or green card.

This can be physical cards if all are not playing electronically, or select the red or green card from the app. Once all have answered, the asker then goes around the room guessing how each person answered the question. Correct guesses earns points, which you can tally up on paper. Once that round is compete, the next person in the room, circle, or whatever configuration you have, becomes the asker and you start all over again, rolling the dice, getting a new question. Continue playing until all cards are used up, or until you’ve had just about enough of the game and personal exposure.

Different options in the game are turning the sound OFF/ON, setting up the game to be a drinking game and adjusting the timer to limit how long each person has to make a choice. Outside of that, you can set how many points can be earned per correct answer guessed, maybe even increase the point values for those more challenging and invasive questions.

The only downside to this game is that it is meant for just adults. The Fat Penguin could actually be a great game for all ages, if the content was made appropriate. Maybe this should be a setting that the owner of the app can adjust, so that at times this game can be played with the younger crowd; and later, adjusted when it’s just the folks. Small tweaks can make this game accessible and recommendable for all. However, as it stands, it is a great way to take down walls between people, incite a few laughs and surprises, and just make for a great time with people you know, or people you wish to know better.

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