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The Money Pouch – Smart Money Management That’s Easy to Access

The Money Pouch app

Who has time these days to sit down with a financial advisor to figure out the future? Sure, they know their stuff – I won’t refute that. But, they will cost you quite a sum, plus the inconvenience of getting on their calendar when it suits you can also be a challenge.

Getting sound financial advice doesn’t have to be hard to get or expensive. There are apps out there that provide the same services that a living and breathing advisor offers, but with the convenience of being available 24/7 and in the palm of your hand. One of those apps is called The Money Pouch.

The Money Pouch does all the research for you on various markets, trends and changes. It takes all of this data and analyzes it. Then, it takes information you’ve provided to make investments recommendations. The information you will provide includes goals, amount available for investing and the level of risk you are willing to take.

This app takes all the guess work out of where to put your money by presenting you with all of the pertinent information you need to make a sound choice. The app simply asks for you to create an account and enter the basics so it can determine the right mix for you. Initial investment requires just $10,000, making it easy for most to take advantage of the app. I will note here that The Money Pouch focuses on ETFs as investment vehicles, based on the fact that they usually outperform the market and tend to be the type of investment most people are comfortable with.

If you are picturing the app to look like a bunch of screens with numbers scattered about, nothing could be further from the truth. The Money Pouch is laid out cleanly and is easy to use. The screen I found most beneficial was the dashboard, which gives you a high level snapshot of what’s going on with your investments. There are several graphs that depict different aspects of your investments and of the markets in general so you get a clear picture.

Another great feature in this app is that your money is yours to take when you want. Invest and sell as you want. There’s no need to wait for someone else to do that for you. And also there are absolutely no set up fees and no fees to leave.

As I walked through the various screens and dashboards, all I could think of was, “can I print this?” Hopefully, this is something that will be available soon. Printing a hard copy or even to PDF would be nice, so I can extract some overall data from the app and use it elsewhere. I know most people are moving away from hard copy, but sometimes it’s nice to have one.

As a tool that one can use, seasoned or novice to investing, The Money Pouch provides the insight and automated management of personal investments that most can benefit from. Consider The Money Pouch in your choices for quick and easy money management to see what it can do for you.

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