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Top 4 Personnel Management Apps


The internet age has been the beginning of a new lifestyle. E-commerce is the new business trend, fleet businesses have greater challenges to keep up with customer demands, and every business has to manage time so that they don’t waste time. To make sure employees are complying with company policies to ensure customer management and to boost productivity with proper time management, businesses are turning to a PC, iOS or android spy, and use various tracking solutions to monitor all online and offline activities in which their employee engage.

Time is money in the 21st century and depending on cell phones is inevitable. Customer relationship management is also a crucial aspect of business management in the world today. This is why, people expect more from their workforce in terms of accountability, documentation, coordination, and loyalty. We are here with a list of the top eight personnel management apps for present businesses:

Zoho CRM

The Zoho CRM online app gives users a 360-degree view of their sales and other day-to-day business activities that are in the pipelines. It enables identifying business trends, increases efficiency, reduces costs, and makes it easier to spot an opportunity. It is available for use on both iOS and Android smartphones so that workforces can retain, assist, and attract customers while they are on the go. You can subscribe to the Zoho CRM for as low as $12 per month. This app helps you manage reports, document library, roles, and profiles. It has email integration, workflow automation, inventory management, and time-based actions. You can use it to automate daily activities so that you can focus on sales.

Microsoft CRM

This is a CRM online app designed by Microsoft. This app helps companies create long-term relationships to deliver exceptional customer care. It aims at developing great relationships based on trust and knowledge within the workforce and with customers. Microsoft CRM helps companies manage their sales, services, social activities (including social media), and marketing. It helps you streamline the processes to boost productivity, reduce cost, get insight to automate sales processes. It allows users to offer self-assisted, onsite services. It also has solutions for planning, marketing, and resource management. Through emails, SMS, social media, and all channels, you can manage an entire workforce effectively. You can subscribe to this app for as low as $50 per month.


Xnspy is an ideal solution for employee management. Its features work well for employers who are in need of an iOS and android spy. Sometimes, knowing where each retail employee is, what kind of information team members share and whether they are using the cell phone responsibly matters. Fleet businesses and others that have their workforce on the go all the time need an advanced app to coordinate with them by tracking their GPS locations. For accountability, using geo-fencing in Xnspy is possible with this app because the app notifies you whenever target employees go outside the watch listed areas. This app allows you to track all incoming and outgoing emails, text messages, IM messages, photos, and videos and allows you to record and listen to calls. You can know whom the target employees’ contact through call logs. The “Watchlist words”, and “Watchlist emails” feature are helpful for customer management. It works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroke iOS devices. You can subscribe to the services it offers at as low as $8.33 per month.


Trello is for teamwork and proper planning. If you work with a large number of people, handling different projects at the same time is easier with this app. You can share ideas, To-do list, projects that are in the working phase and those that are complete. It allows you to add members to the group easily and share instructions across the entire team with a simple click. You can make labels define the category of the project, make checklists, and plan due dates, and even send attachments to your team members easily. It works for both iOS and Android devices, and it is FREE.

Apart from using apps that are a good iOS or Android spy, or any of these top four personnel management apps, you can consider using some of the top five remote apps for android users.

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